Deathloop has appeared on the Xbox store


So it was non exposure deal for a year. Basically ms couldnt even mention it until the yesr was up and now its on the store

I hope they announce gamepass deal. Would be shitty to put it up on a store only for it to come to gamepass a week later. Let people know if its coming to GP and let them make a decision.


Insiders said Game Pass, so it has to be. If that’s this week or next I don’t care one bit. But I agree, please do let us know.

Headline on the link is not accurate as it hasn’t appeared on the Xbox store it’s appeared as an advert that leads to a blank page.

My guess it that they will put it on the store at the same time as announcing/releasing for game pass.

People are speculating this will be 20th to coincide with PS+

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I can’t wait for this.

I imagine this will get announced later today.

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Since it says pre order I wonder if the game releases later next week

I do think the speculation of the 20th is what will happen.

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Then that would mean a simultaneous release on Xbox and Game Pass along with Psb+

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I think the only reason it’s coming to PS Plus Extra is because the contract with Sony requires it if the game comes to Game Pass.

That sounds very likely, yeah.

Sony was smart to add that into the contract lol!

Im gonna be a cynic. The pre-order verbiage insinuates to me that you will have to buy it and that it wont be on Game Pass, similar to how certain bethesda games were not added initially, because it is on PS+.

They often have pre-order ads for games that are in Game Pass, like Forza and Halo.

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and their is precedent for exactly what I just described. As I stated.

Which games were these? I forgot about that.

Doom 2016 and a couple others. They were on PS Now at the time and didnt come to GP initially with the Bethesda purchase.

Im not saying that this IS going to happen, just playing devils advocate a bit.

I’m so done with this waiting and uncertainty man, just tired of it. Hopefully we find out this week. Wish a GP ad had leaked instead, fuck.

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At least we know it’s coming to Xbox at all lol


I bought it on PS5 when it came out, even if it didn’t come to GP initially its worth it because it is an awesome game

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