Dealer Gaming seems to have given a possible release window for Halo Infinite

Still need to have a target for planning purposes. That’s all they’ll know at this point. Personally I’d be good with them taking another year. 2021 will be a struggle for the AAA industry regardless.

I’m a fan of Dealer and all those guys as they haven’t been wrong yet in the 15 months that I have been following them all but if Dealer isn’t saying for sure, then he’s not 100% sure. With Series X, he was certain of the specs and that Series S existed in the entire time I have been listening to him. Basically, you can tell by listening to him when he’s 100% certain/confident of something and when it’s just something “he’s heard” or “been told”. When he’s 100% certain/confident and says so, we’ll all know it.

Yeah he never claimed the XSX had 25tflops of power in any of his vids, come on.

Did you actually watch this video? Again he doesn’t claim that the XSX is “25 tflops”

Direct quotes here: “Up To 25TF of Power, Insane CPU, Revolutionary Speed”…"And this thing, according to Microsoft, taps 25 TF. "

Then he goes on to say “don’t go around talking about XSX has 25 tflops of power” the guy he siting was talking theoreticals and it only had to do with ray tracing which is stated right in the video.

Ok so he actually did say it and made a video designed to farm clicks from ppl not knowing any better and used the title and thumbnail as clickbait…bu in the video he later on reiterates that it isn’t really 25 TF…

If you think there’s validity to the release date, feel free to discuss it. If you don’t, feel free to discuss anything around Halo release dates in this thread. Let’s not use this thread to discuss click-baiting tactics on YT.


I’m with you. Gameplay looked great graphics looked not great.i would say they looked ok it it was a current gen game.

The extra time could allow for the graphics to look ‘ok’ for next gen. IMO the ship has sailed for it looking like a ‘good’ next gen game

Beyond credibility issues, the other reason I suspect he is not actually hearing this from sources so much as making it up is that ppl who hear info from sources don’t then feel the need to justify the info using an argument immediately thereafter. That’s often done to try convincing the listener that the claim is true using reason instead of the reliability of the person claiming to have sources.

FunFact: That’s something investigators are taught to look for when spotting someone who is making claims about insider knowledge on something.

The claim is also super vague and with a pinch of bs can be made to cover all of 2021, which is a confirmed timeline anyhow. He can easily say ‘my sources told me before June, but then it got delayed further’ if he is actually making it up and just incorrect. In such a case, he still gets to proclaim these sources are feeding him exclusive, reliable info.

Damn you sound like u hate him like its a personal thing

I don’t like ppl who farm clicks. :slight_smile:

Nor do I think the red flags I noted should be ignored ‘just cuz’. Literally nobody on the planet right now is likely to be in a spot to know when Halo is going to release. We shouldn’t just buy into it just because we all desperately want it asap.

It will 100% be Fall in my opinion. MP BETA early Spring is my guess. Take as long as you need 343

I don’t usually trust insiders either but dealer has been right before so that’s why I posted this not to mention hes been adamant about Lockhart being a thing even when we briefly thought it was canceled if you remember that

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I think we are a bit off topic given the comment from OneBadMutha earlier. His credibility is a different sub-topic, aside from the claim he specifically made here. That one I find quite dubious for the reasons noted already.

My goodness. Farming clicks, I suppose I should welcome you to YouTube?

Regardless of someone’s credibility it does not take a rocket scientist to think logically that maybe perhaps if you don’t hit the holidays you may want to ship something in the spring of the following year.

With that said, as someone already stated. This could be their internal target date. We will see.

Please stop with drama regarding individuals. This isn’t going to be the forum for that.

Yeah, no. He’s pretty knowledgeable on tech, too. The guy has had actual confirmed devs on his podcast that back up and confirm alot of his predictions and information regarding tech and software. He’s been pretty on point for a bit, tbh.

See OneBadMutha’s comment(s) above.