Dealer Gaming seems to have given a possible release window for Halo Infinite

In his new video dealer gave a little nugget about the new release window for halo infinite he has heard that it will be out before june 2021 so looks like a spring 2021 and thats actually wise it would have no competition essentially i know some people here aren’t fond of him but he has proven to have inside information so I thought it was worthy of a thread

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I doubt he knows, or even that MS knows yet, but it seems plausible. Maybe aiming for Spring but don’t want to announce a new release date yet and have to delay it again if they can’t reach it.

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He just said he’s heard i wouldn’t doubt him since he’s reliable but we’ll see

They probably are not going to lock themselves into a date. They can leave it open for now since they no longer have to meet the SeriesX launch.

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I suspect it’s their current internal goal. If so I expect something else at the end of 2021. My money is on Forza Motorsports.


yea probably

I hope they don’t announce another date until they’re absolutely certain. Honestly, the first half of 2021 seems unlikely to me, let’s just hope they take as long as they need. I suspect it will also depend on how covid progresses in the US.

No reason to doubt Dealer though.

I should have started doing this a long time ago but I don’t trust release dates anymore. So many titles have been delayed and then delayed again. And there are tons of reasons for it and more often than not the game turns out better for it.

As much as I hate it, it will be released “when it’s done”.


Spring or summer 2021, either a 3 month or a 6 month delay and Halo will turn out better or much better for getting that delay.

Seems like the days of MS rushing out products might be coming to an end and I am glad that seems to be the case.

He also said on RDX (when they started talking about console lunch exclusives) that Xbox has purchased new studio(s).

I need some timelines, links and a large fry on it please…


I’d love to have it in Q1, but anytime if the first half of 2021 would be great!

Oh im sure they have


I’m fine with the narrative - it’s ready, when it’s ready. Loved the gameplay shown in the demo, but let’s be frank, the graphics weren’t exactly next-gen jaw dropping. Hope that extra time of development will result in amazing visuals with stunning RT implementation.


November 2021, bookmark it

There’s no rush now and there’s the symbolism of it launching on the 20th anniversary. Launching it spring isn’t going to do Xbox any favors

They were never going to be. Originally developed for the Xbox One no matter what they do from now until release doesn’t change that. The expectation for next level graphics never hit ground with me. Infinite will be a optimized for Series X title just like Gears 5 imo.

Next level graphics will come with games exclusively developed for Series X and PC like Fable, Hellblade, Forza, etc

He has a history of telling audiences what they wanna hear. He often touts sources that do not seem to materialize into anything. Frankly, I think he just makes stuff up or parrots rumors/“leaks” presuming they are legit just to get attention for surfacing those things to broader YT audiences.

Won’t argue with that, cause you’re right buddy. But I still believe that they can make it look miles better on Series X then what was shown in the gameplay demo.

I have no doubt about that. I believe the polishing stage was the most affected by the pandemic. I’ve come around to the delay because like everybody else I wan’t a really good Halo but I hope it doesn’t take until next November…

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