Dealer Gaming seems to have given a possible release window for Halo Infinite

They should take their time. I think they will launch after E3, they will show a new gameplay with release date for July.

Fall 2021 seems plausible if you ask me.

They will go against CoD and Battlefield and that’s not good. That’s why I think July or August would be better unless if they need more time.

This is so far from the truth lol


Dealer actually got me more involved in the gaming community lol. His info on tech and the leaks that get brought to RDX made me more excited for gaming to be honest as lately I haven’t gamed as much as I used to. He’s definitely alot more credible than the community likes to give him credit


I don’t want to get in the habit of checking receipts on insiders but off the top of my head, he’s out-scooped Kotaku a couple times. Specifically on the hardware stuff. He knows somebody.


It’s possible that their internal projections are for april but they cannot commit to a date publicly yet until they know for sure when the game will be ready, until they know they won’t announce it.

I agree, I think free to play Halo can go against them just fine and Battlefield is supposed to be next gen only so no competition on the XB1 with that one but I hope they launch Infinite in a dry month when no other FPS will be coming out so it doesn’t have any competition, it would only be good for the brand.

They shouldn’t beholden themselves to a date, I stead just focus on getting the game right. November feels like a much better time slot imo.

Also what’s this about new studios?

Not sure any one else know about this

Plus he’s been saying Lockhart exists for 2 years now

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"To be released when it’s ready."TM

They just should take their time.

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Nah…not really. He does same thing RGT and MBG and various others do. Tell fanboys of all stripes what they wanna hear so they simultaneously appear ‘fair and balanced’ (heh) but also are farming clicks from ppl. Dealer does what I said earlier all the time with his ‘sources’. He also loves talking up tech that he knows nothing about.

Reminds me of back in the PS1 days, generally couldn’t really trust game release dates then either outside of a few big games.

Sorry I have to disagree. This is wrong on so many lvls.

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Hopefully they only give a date until it’s 100% certain. Could be a couple weeks before, “Hey btw Halo is coming out in 2 weeks!”

Nah, he’s been on the money multiple times. Credit where it’s due, he knows his shit Especially when so called “credible insiders” were parroting the PS5 having 13.3 tflops. There are a lot of really shitty gaming Youtubers out there, he isn’t one of them. ( even if i do disagree with his everything needs to be a AAA graphical showcase game to count mentality)

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I think that a this time not even phill Spencer nor Bonnie knows the release date

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I’d be staggered if he knew lol

Because Phil wouldn’t even know

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I think it’s truly a “when its done” situation

No credible insiders were saying that. Dealer often claims to have been the first to say something but in reality he pulls claims of “leaks” or legit leaks off of forums and parroted those as if he has ‘sources’. He made dubious claims about PS5’s CPU/GPU frequency “issue”. He claimed that he was the ‘first’ to break news of XSX/XSS at 12/4 TF, but he was following Brad Sams’ post on the subject. He does similar things a lot where he takes obvious info that is already well established and then repeats it as a tangential thought to some other tech info, and then circles back to act as if something obvious he said previously had just then been ‘confirmed’. He claimed he knew about PS5 final specs before others…yet in previous vids he said his own ‘sources’ told him 9.2-9.4 TF (aka he is just parroting the GitHub leak from over a year ago. He claimed XSX had ‘25TF of power’ in one of his thumbnails for his vids too.

So… >.>