DC and Marvel multimedia thread (movies, games, TV shows etc)



Is this where we discuss how excited the market would be for Daredevil and Flash games?

I dunno if those games would sell but I would def buy a Flash game if it was decent lol

I think you mean Daredevil and Moon Knight. :smile:

But seriously, I would love a great “speedster” game, but have no idea how that could even work. That seems to me to be even more difficult that getting flying right in a game.

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A Superman & Black Adam game or a Justice League game with Darkseid. A man can dream.

It’s the same problem with a Superman game. How do you balance the abilities/power of the titular heroes with meaningful and challenging enemies. Not sure there’s a good way to do so, at least to my limited creative mind.

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Ninja Theory needs to be doing a Daredevil game, using all their spatial audio tech. They’re the ones who could come closest to replicating Daredevil’s senses.


Have Superman be weakened by Kryptonite.

A speedster would have to fight other guys with superpowers. he would probably just move around like a ninja but with red streaks following him. People think the Flash just runs fast but he has so many different abilities. Saying that Flash controls kinetic energy is a better description of his powers than just super speed. Would LOVE to see a flash game. My favorite DC character growing up.

I would love another batman beyond game loved the show always a unique spin on the batman lore

Bring this game back and put it in the hands of a great Dev. ID Software maybe.

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Random Facts about my comics history: I had a brief period as a comic collector in the late 70s and early 80s (yes, I’m old). I was a teenager and had limited funds, but managed to buy almost everything related to the X-Men, most runs of Spiderman, and quite a bit of The Avengers. Also dabbled in a few others like Moon Knight.

I still have all the comics I bought back then, though they are in far from mint condition (never bagged or boarded). I have a big chunk of the Claremont/Byrne X-men run - including the Hellfire Club, Dark Phoenix Saga, etc. I also have a Moon Knight #1 and a few others that may have some value (despite their not great condition).

Sadly, my time as a collector ended when I discovered girls, and needed money for dates. Ha.


I loved the Flash too, but my favorite DC character was always Green Lantern. Would love a great game with him. So much potential there with the entire Green Lantern Corps, galactic threats, etc.

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another batman beyond game?? What was the first one?

But I agree, we NEED a Batman Beyond game ASAP. Been clamoring for it for ages now

Amazing find!

This loooked so good.

Definitely looking forward to the new Shazam movie, the first one was a big surprise for me. Batman trailer looks really damn good too, love that dark tone and music and Colin Farrell as Penguin looks to be really dope!

Decided to watch all the MCU again, this time in chronological order.

I forgot how skinny Chris Evans was in Captain America 1, he pulled a real Christian Bale there, huh? Damn.

I’m watching one movie a day, so tomorrow will be Captain Marvel. Never seen it before, but I don’t like the character or actress, just very unlikeable. But I guess the movie could still be enjoyable, we shall see.

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that was CGI :phil_lmao:

It is? Then that ain’t too bad at all for that time.

Part cgi. The face part. The body depicted is another actual stand-in actor.