Cyberpunk 2077 - Night City Wire Episode 3

Now I know for sure that I’ll be getting a Series X on November 10, and 8 days later, Night City here I come :smiley:

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This on Xbox Series X man…the game will already look and run better than One X at launch and I can only imagine what they will bring with the real upgrade patch for XSX next year.

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I personally won’t be able to hold on until next year… I’ll be there Day One on Series X, and next year I’ll check out the enhancements. I’m not one to replay games, so I don’t think I’ll do it, even with the enhancements.

Same here. I am not gonna wait either. But it seems Cyberpunk is a game for multiple playthroughs. They offer different kind of classes and it seems you can also have different kind of outcomes with the stories. I’m not sure how unique and drastic these outcomes are though.

I’m waiting for the full next gen upgrade. I will have plenty of games to play in the mean time so waiting will be easy. Looking forward to NCW #3!!!

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Legit the episode I’m most looking forward too. There’s some amazing artists involved in the creation of the soundtrack, so this one will be a delight.

Same as you, I already bought the game for less than 40$ and I can play at release too but prefer to wait to enjoy it fully with all bells and whistles

The real test will be when other people have the game in their hands and hype is at full speed ahead :stuck_out_tongue:

I also found out something very interesting yesterday. Cyberpunk 2077 will have Dolby Vision HDR meaning that if your console or TV doesn’t support it, no HDR for you. Personally, this is great for me because I should be getting the LG CX OLED delivered today and that supports Dolby Vision and obviously, so does Xbox Series X.

Since im currently at 12 games for November/December, this won’t be an issue for me as I can easily wait for the next gen upgrade.

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Don’t miss the third episode of Night City Wire, coming tomorrow at 6 PM CEST!


I wonder what the chances are they’ll throw out a “gone gold” announcement at this stream tomorrow. That would be so good.

I’m gonna respond on that tweet, maybe I can get an answer, heh, probably not, but hey.

Hell yes bro!


Awesome! Series X gameplay, woooo

Night City Wire: Episode 3 is live!

Jack in now at

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even gimmicks are great on this game.

Awesome PC mods😍

Minimum and recommended PC requirements.

I all set with my 1650 and 8 GB RAM


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yep, my 1060 and ryzen 5 1600 lookin like a snacc rn

Just makes me wonder, the most ambitious game in recent memory is able to run on absolute dogshit hardware and Randy out here concerned about Series S being able to run Godfall (no hate though, that game looks visually really good too and seems to push some heavy particle effects, just that he had no reason to talk on behalf of the developers lol)

If this is how held back games look for the next couple of years I am totally fine with it. Amazing

And still the same release date, truly seems it will not be delayed anymore. This game with my XSX on launch…well…almost, 9days later.

The one thing I don’t like in the Gangs trailer is the dialog. I can’t help but compare it to the voices and dialog in Witcher 3, to me that seems to be on another level . It sounds almost cringe here?

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