Cyberpunk 2077 - Night City Wire Episode 2

This is not necessarily news, since it was announced a couple days ago, but I thought it would be cool to have a place to discuss this event, as well as this very anticipated game!

I absolutely loved the first Night City Wire, and can’t wait to go into detective mode on Night City using brain dance :sunglasses:

Official YouTube video:

Lifepaths Trailer:

Tools of Destruction Trailer:

Refused: Becoming SAMURAI Trailer:


I’m ready, bring it on! :breathtakinganimated:

I’m ready.


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Awesome. First one was pretty good. Not as hyped for CP as I probably should be, but I am still looking forward to playing it in November. I just hope it doesn’t overlap too much with Halo and Medium. I might save it for Christmas break if it comes out the same week.

Worried about that as well, especially since I expect Halo and Cyberpunk to be both absolutely massive games. I will probably prioritize Halo, though, since that one will be played with friends.

At this point I have decided to wait to play Cyberpunk until the Series X version is out. We’ll see if I can stick to that.

Cyberpunk is a strange one for me. I absolutely love The Witcher 3 and a brand new game from this amazing studio should be a guaranteed hit for me, but it just hasn’t wowed me nearly as much as the very first trailer of Witcher 3 did.

Part of that is my own fault, after Witcher 3 I automatically assumed their sci-fi RPG would be third person as well, and it really isn’t, foolish me. That took away quite some excitement for me. What can I say, I like seeing my characters in front of me. But also the gameplay we have seen so far, the characters that (while probably too early to really judge) don’t strike me as nearly as good written and memorable as The Witcher 3’s.

That being said I still look forward to it. This could very well be the kind of game I need to play myself first and then totally “fall in love” with it, haha.


I’m with you on this kind of. I don’t remember being overly impressed with Witcher 3 game-play demos at E3 and honestly was confused as to why people were so excited about it. Obviously the game turned out phenomenal and a game that is that huge is hard to showcase it was unlike anything we had seen before and honest anything we’ve seen since.

I’m not overly impressed with anything out of Cyberpunk yet but I’m certain it’s going to be a great game at the very lease.

As a reminder this stream is on in 2 and a half hours.

For Americans that’s

9 Pacific 10 mountain 11 Central 12 Eastern

I’ve thought about that, but I know for a fact that once the game is out I’ll need to play it whatever way is possible, ahaha.

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Yeeeeea. I know I will probably break and play it. But for now I will just keep lying to myself, lol.

Holy s*** this looks awesome. I need to get a week off for this game. So ambitious!

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It was really great. Loads of new footage and interesting info dump! Great looking game. Man with Ray Tracing it will be insane looking on XSX.

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Here are the 2 official trailers out

Plus the gameplay section


I would leave playing it until the XSX is out but I’m too weak, haha. What’s everyone going to play as? Think I’m going to play as Street Kid on my first playthrough. Looking absolutely braw! :keanu:

Thanks, after watching it myself I’ll add these to the OP. I’ll get to it in 10 minutes. Seen good impressions here in the forum so far! Nice :grinning:

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You are welcome! Yeah it was a really good showing imho.

Just watched and yep, it was really good.

Man, I have no idea which lifepath I’ll be picking. I’m pretty terrible with this kind of choices. I guess I’ll pick random, lol, although Nomand and Corpo do seem more interesting to me than Street Kid. Lifepaths section was great, if the lifepaths do turn out to be very different from each other, then that only adds to the vast ammount of replayability this game already seems to have.

Soon after that was weapons, which are definitely one of the more exciting parts of a brand new FPS game. Soooo much variety shown, the weapons look great. I’ll be trying absolutely everything, although specifically the Mantis Blades looked fuckin’ rad :sunglasses:

A slight disappointment: some noticeable pop-in when driving through the desert. Hopefully playing this on the Series X that won’t be a problem with the awesome SSD. Although given that the specific SX version will only come later, there’s only so much the SSD can do if the game was not designed with it as the storage technology baseline.

I want to play as Corpo since this person is mostlikely in the know of the world and the economic behind it.

This story aspects are always the once I’m most interested in.

Definitely playing as Corpo for my first playthrough

November 19th though! The Series X could potentially already be out by then. It would be great if Microsoft or Sony could just blink and give us pre-orders.