Cyberpunk 2077 - Night City Wire Episode 2

The gameplay looked great. The combat looks fun, the guns seem to have that “oomph” to them as well. I’m gonna play this on XSX since it automatically will have some improvements over One X and I already know I won’t have the patience to wait for that actual XSX patch.

The one thing I didn’t like here was the music, can’t say I care much for it at all. Is this also the music that we’ll hear during exploration or only in bars and such and maybe during shootouts? In Witcher 3 you have this amazing, beautiful background music and I hope Cyberpunk has some of that too, maybe like the latest Blade Runner movie, maybe some real sci-fi’ish music?

I’m all in for Cyberpunk 2077. Will be buying it digitally for Series X and the expansion pass as well once it becomes available but I won’t be playing it until CDPR releases the full next gen upgrade with Ray Tracing and whatnot so it may be a while. Thankfully, im going to have 10+ other games to play at launch so if I have to wait for a game here and there, so be it.

Such an incredible interview with incredible detailled answers about gameplay mechanics and the philosophy of game design behind it about the feeling and sense of power and feedback and rpg progression mixed together.

Major props to the interviewer for asking the right questions and also to Pawel Kapala the Senior Gameplay Designer.

Please keep doing these king of interviews these are great!

Loads of informations inside, worth reading all. If you have any worries about gameplay please take a look it will be calmed down quickly.

Gonna say something controversial. I think this looks like a really good video game and I would like to play it.

Finally watched the episode and I am so fucking in. Still not sure if my first play through will be street kid or nomad.

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Can’t wait for this, not sure if I’m going to go Nomad or Street Kid first.

Going Nomad, will do the others with the series x patch then.