Cyberpunk 2077 hype thread

Ubisoft preparing to have the whole next gen launch month free and clear. :slight_smile:



And I’ll manage great too with WD Legion, I’m sure :slight_smile:

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Honestly, I feel this is good news. Everyone was asking about next gen patch and I feel this will help closer to that.

Also, launching so close to launch window was always an unfortunate thing. At least we can play some games before losing all our time to Cyberpunk :rofl:

Here’s a great video on how they’ve achieved their procedurally generated facial animations for all character dialogue. This means that you’ll have full lio-syncing for all 10 languages that this game supports. Also, I believe there may be slight variations in how characters perform the same line in multiple playthroughs. This isn’t the first time this has been done in games but this seems to be an evolution in this area and it’s always nice seeing progress in this area.

If you’re not impressed at first and it looks robotic, that’s due to no body and next movement in the early demonstrations. At the end, they cover these critical components.

I’m not as hyped as others since any game over 40 hours just seems too daunting, but videos like this get me excited about being immersed in this world.

That’s brilliant

To me this game will live or die based on its story. If the story is not engaging which involes varried and fun quests It wont be for me.

Seeing how games play on next gen has convinced me that waiting until 2021 for the Series X version of Cyberpunk is the smart play.

I have a feeling we will all be waiting for 2021. :wink:

hey, at least it likely will be out before 2077 :slight_smile:

Each time this thread pops up I am scared of a delay announcement. I fully expect one.

I’m still thinking Feb 21

February wouldn’t be that big of a delay, I’d be fine with it. But man I just hope the delays don’t keep going on.

Why do you say February 21 specifically though? :slight_smile:

He is talking about the year. Not the day

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Cyberpunk preload is now live! 59.60GB


Here we go ! Not long now. 60Gb is not bad for that type of game.

Edit: Maybe there is a day one patch for One X and SX.


There is not. Next-Gen version is 2021, unfortunately.

Edit: To be clear, there might be a day one patch – it just won’t be to patch in the next-gen version, which is scheduled to next year.

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Yeah, sorry, I wasn’t clear. I know the next-gen gen patch is coming in 2021, but with the rumor that the game is 60FPS on SX, maybe there is something for us at launch.

Uncapped frame rate maybe? Hopefully same is true for Series S.

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I said this in the news thread too, just make sure to take into account that it might not be after the day one patch any more. Witcher 3 disc version launched exactly like that without patch. That’s how DF got the game at 60fps before CDPR released the One X patch.

Not trying to be a Debby downer at all because I hope so much CDPR doesn’t change it, but take into account.

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