Cyberpunk 2077 hype thread

Sadly, I can’t see any threads for Cyberpunk in general, just bits here and there about the episodes, etc.

So, why not just make a hype/general thread? :grin:


To start this off:

Has anyone been crazy enough to have a plan for their character creator/build setup early to save hours in the menu? :rofl: Here’s a build I made for my character, personally:

“Cyber Warrior Build”

Life Path: Street Kid

Class: Solo

Gang Siding with: Not sure yet.

Style: Kitsch

Attributes(20): Body:6,intelligence:3,Reflex:5,Technical:3,Cool:3

The upfront playstyle. I don’t care for stealth or about hiding or hacking things too much. I’ll be focusing on Blades, Gorilla Arms, and Handguns and getting up close and personal.

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Looking very forward to this.

I’m just going to be boring and play default V though.

& I’ll wait to be surprised/overwhelmed by the class/choices, I’ll leave them as a surprise I guess.

So far i’ve only decided to go with Nomad as my life path.

Haven’t decided in regards to which path but im hoping to be able to play as the preset female V from the 2018 45 minute demo.

I originally planned to wait for the next-gen version to get the game – especially because I’m getting too many games at launch this November. For that same reason I’ve been avoiding everything about the game lately, including gameplay videos.

Nonetheless, I don’t think I’ll be able to wait. So I’m probably diving into the game knowing basically nothing about it. Can’t wait!


I’m beyond hyped for this game! I’m so glad there’s a lot of games to keep me busy til then so the wait isn’t unbearable lol. I’m still not sure which Lifestyle I wanna pick. Corp or Street Kid is what I’m deciding between. Probly will go Corp, but who knows. I’m just ready to play this dam game! Been waiting for years, and it’s finally so close! :smiley:

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Debating between nomad and corpo

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Life is to live

Hype is to Cyberpunk 2077

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I’ve generally been on a media blackout for this game, so it hasn’t yet set in that we’re weeks away from finally getting our hands on it. I still remember Cyberpunk’s initial reveal trailer all those years back and my excitement before I’d even played a CDPR game. After falling in love with The Witcher 3, I have no doubt those talented developers will deliver something spectacular once again.

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I didn’t read many articles, last NCW I didn’t watch and I just want to play it now. I just wish I was strong enough to wait for the XSX patch, because I’m sure it’s gonna be something special. But I am weak, I want to explore that city and take it all in.

I’d also really like to see XSX Cyberpunk gameplay :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait for this game!

I cannot wait to play this, it’s effected me so much that I’ve lost interest in playing other games at the minute lol. I just can’t get motivated to play anything.

I am going for a Netrunner Corpo style in my first playthrough. I want to be a master of the blade and stealth.

Yep, that’s my thread right there ! :slight_smile:

It’s been 77 years…but it’s finally there ! Can’t wait !

Crazy. Place bets on whether it even makes 2020.

This actually caused me to preorder it again though. I had cancelled because I was going to be too busy with Valhalla and Beyond Light anyway. December is free though.

At least I have my Cyberpunk 2077 controller. Also lol at the One X LE consoles.

Well what do I play on the new console now? AC? The Falconeer or some Game Pass Stuff.?

This is huge news for other games. They will do a lot better

Top 10 Posts made just before Disaster


Oh no.

I know they couldn’t have said “when it’s done” with this delay but I sure hope as hell they are very sure about this December date. But I think we should prepare for anything.

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