Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion Announced (coming this Winter to Xbox)

Which is one of the reasons I don’t expect much from that KOTOR remaster to be honest. Really surprised Sony paid for that.


The name carry it alone. PS loves to please fans with established franchise rather than Xbox making new names like Starfield. Plus, it still feels like revenge on Starfield being exclusive.

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found it funny looking back on the gotcha’s for the new KOTOR remake that the internet people enjoyed spewing, only to find out recently that the developer couldn’t even be arsed to make sure that the switch version was actually completable before launch.

can’t wait to see how this remake plays out now.

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KOTOR is one of my favorite games ever, but this the kind of revenge move where, I burn down your house and you retaliate by throwing four eggs at my front door.

Personally, I believe that Sony is simply going after all the licensed properties knowing that Microsoft thus far has pretty much stayed away. Sony has Spider Man, Wolverine, timed exclusivity for the KOTOR Remake and marketing deals for Hogwarts Legacy and Avatar. Sony knows what’s hot, main stream and part of pop culture which is why they’re going after all these games. They want to be associated with them to where people think and believe that they’re not anywhere else. If Sony gets the marketing for Jedi Survivor, that will be another one.

Small rant

If I’m honest I hope Sony does more to grow itself. These licenses and side deals just come off as old fashioned. Xbox is buying entire publishers and releasing games Day 1 to a subscription service. (Just as a hypothetical I wish Disney would buy Sony and Xbox would buy WB). As a gamer I want more games not less. And I definitely love the Gamepass model of Day 1 so PlayStation better hurry up and start making way more games with way more developers because right now I can’t see PlayStation having enough games to fill such a service. Xbox is still building up its pipeline but once the games start releasing it will be impossible for PlayStation to compete in its current form. I’m definitely hoping Sony finds a buyer soon. Hell even Apple could be a nice fit. Apple wants to get into gaming in a bigger way and the PlayStation name could help them do that and I’m positive Apple would follow the Gamepass blueprint that Sony is too conservative and reluctant to attempt on their own.

I think Xbox is staying out of licensed games as they said to avoid not owning the ip, it’s hard to deal with licensers we heard multiply stories for example of battlefront 2 and Jedi fallen order of fighting with Disney the most basic things, or waiting for approval to what colour you can make the light saber can use. And not including future proofing your things when licensers can pull stuff after times off services like gamepass


No, we don’t want Apple in gaming. They are a the worst.

And hasn’t Sony bought a fair amount of studios? I think they’ll have a pretty good output this generation.

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haha. Even though its on Gamepass it will still outsell both those Exclusive PS5 FF games.

Once MS starts advertising COD it’s going to make all the difference imo, as COD by itself being associated with MS and Xbox is bigger to gamers than any franchise association Sony can come up with.

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Only if they make it fully exclusive to Xbox/PC. If they don’t, those who play it on PlayStation will continue to play it on PlayStation.

I think people should focus more on the new/undecided user (who is reasonable to convert) as opposed to the existing owner (who is extremely hard to convert).

The New buyer is going to see a Game Pass that has a bunch of the big games they want to play Day 1 and for a cheap price.

Also, how on earth did we get to this topic lol


Everyone keeps posting about other stuff and then other people myself included, reply. lol

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It remains to be seen how Microsoft is gonna advertise them. Their advertisement of their first parties is quite poor. Bethesda is doing this better, this time all the hope for good advertisement lies in Activision.

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The topic: Crisis Core FF7 Reunion. The discussion: exclusives and Sony growing and COD? Ok then.


Come on people, read the topic title. There’s plenty of threads to discuss all the other off-topic discussion.


So Advent Children was not great
Had to look up which one BC was, no opinion on that
Dirge of Cerberus was comically dumb

How does CC stack up, for the people who have actually played it? I heard it has a strong ending sequence but that’s about it for praise.

It’s better than all those things, but not fantastic by any means. I think it’s a decent to good game that benefitted from being FF7-adjacent and one of the few big name PSP exclusives. It definitely played like a game designed for a portable, so I guess that’s a point for and against it depending on how you look at it.


Thank goodness. For me, Kotor is one of the handful of titles which will always be synonymous with the original Xbox, even if I played it just as much on Steam later on in life. Would be a crime if it skipped the Series platforms.

Ill be waiting patiently. Feels almost wrong Sony to have grabbed that one

Sony are trying to get what they can. Eventually these games will come to xbox.

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