Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion Announced (coming this Winter to Xbox)

It’s hilarious to imagine having crisis core on Xbox but not FF7R.


If they’re only gonna put CC on Xbox, then they should keep it for themselves. Phil should personally press the reject button on that game’s submission to Xbox :phil_unsure:


It’s about the most Square thing you can imagine


I’m still convinced it’s Crisis Core. I know the image is from FF7R but the image focuses on Zach and Aerith specifically, so it could go either way.

I missed the boxes over the image- I didn’t consider them relevant!

Finally, wow 2 long years are finally over. Thank you snitch. You are the best!

If final fantasy 7 isn’t announced that’s gonna be disappointing. If I were Phil and let’s say the abk deal closes in January phil should hold Diablo 4 off PlayStation which is a bigger game till they get ff7. I know that’s not how business works but it’s bs that ff7 is still not on Xbox

Thatts NOT going to be FF7 remake

ITs Crisis Core Remaster…also coming to PS Switch and PC.

I’m 95% its crisis core remaster. He would leak the blue dot if it was Remake…as remake already on PS.

It would be a shambles if Xbox gets CC remaster before Remake. Whats the point in making spin off FF7 games for Xbox if you’re not gonna put remake on there?

If you’re gonna go to bed with Sony…go all the way and do every position.

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Diablo already in works for PS. Can’t cancel it. He can make that a Day 1 Gamepass as soon as Acquisition hits.

The ideal scenario would be FF7R and Crisis Core but this is Square Enix we’re talking about. :clown_face:

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Even if itwas part 1…ITs not coming to Gamepass…otherwise MS would have announced it

The best case scenario for Xbox is we do get FF7 Remake…but SE will do the same thing they did for KH Collection and those late FFX/12 games…put it on the box store full price for 6 months then Gamepass later. That would explain why it was a no show at MS’s event and SE wanted to show it.

But that’s grasping at straws.

I truly believe this is Crisis Core Remaster

I have 0 interest in this as the PSP game was bang average…unless its properly remade or something. But its coming to Switch supposedly…so not a remake. Most likely s cheap ass port like Chrono Cross. We all knowhow SE works

Oh and if they do put FF7R on Xbox and charge 70 bucks for Integrade like it was for PS5…I’m not going anywhere near it.

And another thing to point out…FF7R and FF7R Integrade(which is the version xbox will get if it does) were both on PS Plus. So I think Sony did their crafty business and probably put in clause to stop it from being on Gamepass like ever.

So with that in mind… I think sony would be fine it being ported to Xbox…but only as a full priced game. SE would be fine with that too.

But I don’t even think that would happen.

The image is from FF7R. Also, it’s your assumption that the boxes refer to platforms for a new game announcement. It doesn’t need to mean that at all. It could just as easily be that they reference the platforms the game is available on.

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The Snitch liked someone tweet about it being Crisis Core so I guess we can give up on FF7R coming to Xbox for now

I like the optimism dude.

Yes the image is from ff7r…but notice the characters its focusing on. Zack and aerith…who happen to be two of the main characters from CC

Its CC

Go with CC and be pleasantly suprised if we get FF7R. There is no other way

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There’s gonna be something FF7 related announced today that’s gonna come to Xbox, and no matter what it is, it’ll be fun to see unfold :skull:


Just wanted to note that many haven’t played Remake and partially spoiling some of the ending in the OP without a tag kind of stinks. Luckily I’ve played, but I’d imagine many here haven’t.

I mean…its not much of a spoiler. Its all meaningless anyway. Part 2 will make ending of 1 irrelevant.

And I disagree. Why not just tag it? Some people like going in without any knowledge.

Tbh it was tweeted by him…some people probably didnt know. They jsut see 2 characters with cloud being injured