Crimson Desert is mostly Single Player with MP options, Targets next gen Consoles

This is great news considering how good the TGA reveal looked

Here is an interview with the DEVs where they more in depth about he game, Basic gist is it is a single player Story where you can choose to go MP during the Story for help or to take a break from the Story and offer after game MP gameplay. So you can treat is as a SP game with MP options and it will target next gen consoles.

This game looked amazing so I’m pretty hyped about it


Q. How do single player and multiplayer work?

HwanKyoung Jung / Co-Producer

Macduff’s journey itself is single player. Of course, there are parts where you can get help from other players, but the bulk of this is single-player. After that, if you switch to multiplayer, you can play the part that comes after Macduff’s journey. However, you can also switch between single and multiplayer play at any moment during the game without having to clear the single player storyline. In multiplayer mode, you can contact others while making your own story and in multiplayer mode, you can bump into others whenever you want.

• Levels, items, and skills will be shared between single-player and multiplayer play.

So it’s both an MMO and singleplayer RPG.

And a few other interesting bits of information:

Q. Will Crimson Desert support next-generation devices when it comes to consoles? And is it going to be available in the current devices as well?


We are preparing to support next-generation console devices. Our goal is to create a game that allows as many users as possible to play on a variety of platforms.

Q. We are worried about the frame issue seen in the trailer


• We are not concerned internally about the frame drop. We have accumulated an extensive know-how of our proprietary engine over a long period of time. In the end, we are confident that we will be able to sufficiently deal with the issue through optimization before the game releases.


More in-depth videos about the game

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This looks like the game I wanted Obsidian to make. Excellent.

I’m pretty excited about Avowed, this game will be a good option in between.

Single player focus bounces this way up on my watch list! If they push the new gen hardware a bit more and stabilize that frame rate like they expressed, it will jump higher still!

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Yeah. But this one has moves in it that they won’t be able to do with Avowed. I’m much more into feeling like a badass in games than playing a serious role in a story, which is why I think I loved TLOU 2 more than many critics as it was an awesome stealth murder simulator and I barely paid attention to the story.

Obsidian have their story telling strengths and that’s OK too. But this game looks like Witcher 3 with Arkham combat. Which is awesome.

Awesome news!!! Looking forward to seeing more of it leading up to release.

This game looks incredible!!! I’m not big on MMO, so if I could play the single player on my own, I’m so down for it.

I think we need to tone down the expectations around this game. Even though it has a Single Player story, it still is a MMORPG. You should look at it more in the eyes of a Elder Scrolls Online or Final Fantasy XIV than Avowed or Skyrim.

And it is a game developed by Pearl Abyss, which has a history of publishing epic-like traillers. Like this one for Black Desert, for example (do keep in mind that this trailer is almost 5-years old):

For the most part Black Desert lived up to the hype and most people are pretty happy with it. Looks pretty good even today. So I dont think citing Black Desert as a warning is really relevant since it`s a solid and good looking MMO.

This game seems to focus more on a SP Story with MP options like Dark Souls and with a MP NG+ type mode.

Also it’s not called Crimson Desert “online” like Black Desert Online is so seems even with the name they have made a distinction for the game.

The key word here is MMO. MMORPGs are not known for being a graphic showcase or anything like that. They look good at times, but that’s it. Even during Crimson Desert’s trailer we could see some segments with really odd graphics and low framerates.

The reason for my comment about toning down expectations is because there are people expecting it to look like Avowed or Elder Scrolls VI.

I think we should expect more of:


Also, let me make myself clear: I liked what I see from the trailer and I was really surprised by how a step up it looked when compared to Black Desert. My only concern is that it still is a MMORPG made by a relatively-new studio, so I don’t expect something in the likes of what Obsidian and Bethesda offers. I prefer to set my bar low to be positively surprised in the future than the other way around.

Edit: On consoles, Black Desert is just Black Desert – they dropped the “Online” part of the name.

Read the article it’s not an MMO, its a SP game with MP options, as stated here in the first sentence of the article below, the Devs and trailer talk in depth about the SP story and characters and the Main character which is a set person which would not be present in a strictly MMO like Black Desert.

" Since Crimson Desert was first announced, many gamers (including myself) had the impression that the game is a spiritual successor to Black Desert Online, hence determined that it is a MMORPG (Pearl Abyss did mention it was a MMORPG as well). However, as more details were revealed recently and the game title missing an “Online”, confusion started to reign in the community. Pearl Abyss has since provided us with a translated interview script with a few of Crimson Desert’s developers which will once and for all clear up all questions. Read on!"

Also the devs further clarify here, it’s not an MMORPG it’s an open world action adventure.

Q. Last year, you introduced Crimson Desert as an MMORPG. Is there a reason for changing the genre to open world action-adventure?


• We thought a lot about the genre. When we were considering the things we wanted to show through Crimson Desert, we wanted to show that the game offered something beyond the expected norms of an MMORPG. We wanted to give players the option to play with people they want in a multiplayer environment, while delivering narratives and scenarios as well as expressing desired actions.

• You will be able to enjoy the engaging narrative in an open-world and optionally participate in content with other players where you can engage as a community.

The fact that it has Single Player does not mean it is not a MMORPG. Even the bit you transcribed mentions that the developers themselves said it is a MMORPG. By reading the interview provided in the OP, the co-producer of the game himself says that “it’s both an MMO and singleplayer RPG”.

I am not the one saying the game is a MMO. The developers are.

Many MMORPGs today have Single Player campaigns. You can play most of Elder Scrolls Online without ever interacting with another player. You can play the whole Final Fantasy XIV story by yourself aswell.

The Devs themselves says the genre changed from MMO to open world action adventure. They talk in depth about the SP story and players being able to engage with the story and narrative themself and online is an option if people want to engage with. I’ll take the devs word for what they want to create as it seems much more SP focused than a normal MMO which is the whole point of this thread to highlight the fact the devs are stating this is not just an MMO

All they said is that they are taking a new approach when compared to traditional MMOs. That’s what I’m saying. You can still play with other people, engage with communities, etc. Either way, that was not the point of my original post. I just said to keep expectations in check. If you’d rather, feel free to expect one of the best “open-world action-adventure” games of all time which will raise the bar to Obsidian and Bethesda :man_shrugging:

I made the thread to point out this was not a traditional MMO and was more SP focused as the devs have now clarified, expectations had nothing to do with what I have said.

I know, man. But a thread is not only about the OP. People mentioned Avowed and how great the game looked. That’s why I said it would be wise to keep expectations in check. That’s it. No need to derail the thread even more.

I believe the game will look amazing in late 2021 or early 2022 when it releases. Being able to play the game fully solo is great because I have no interest in playing with other people. Hoping Pearl Abyss’s other game Plan 8 is the same.

Yea I’m glad to hear it’s not just another MMO and has a full SP story. So far it seems one of the good trends in next gen is highly detailed environments with wind, dust and foliage makes games like Witcher 3 look plain and barren.

Me too and agreed. Crimson Desert looked amazing especially the flying dragon sequence so im hoping that it can be as close to that as possible on Xbox Series X.

Well the good thing with the Series X is if a console can match what was shown in the trailer it’s the Series X