Confirmed: Doom Eternal is Coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 1




Well, sure. Bethesda’s entire back catalogue should.

Can someone check?

A lot of people verifying that “The Slayer is Coming” is real.

Another great get for Game Pass, although not surprising.

One of the best FPS games this generation. Played at launch and will be buying the DLC.

I thought that at first too. But they never brought FM7 to GP. That came out before GP was even a thing though.

Hopefully they add The evil Within 2 soon, so I can sell my hard copy (maybe along with the One X, after I have XSX).

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I knew it

I hope they add the 2016 reboot too. I played it years ago and threw up from motion sickness but after playing with the settings in the demo, I found a way to enjoy. It seems to be a great game.

Hasn’t that already been in GamePass once? However, it’s fair to say that all games including Doom 2016 will be in GamePass soon.

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It was a few years back but I missed my chance as I didn’t know how to change it to fit my needs. I do now so fingers crossed.

Either way, full back catalog should be added when the ink dries on the deal next year.

I think it might even be before then! I think they’ll slowly be moving things in rather than just ink dry, boom, all in.

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That’d be nice. Yeah, having time to settle down and play a few each month would be awesome.


No hint they said NO HINT THEY SAID

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Loved this game :slight_smile:
Hated battle mode though, huge downgrade from 2016s multiplayer.

But the campaign was excellent!

And the best thing is, with the new Xbox beta app (Android), you can download Doom Eternal right now and start playing as soon as it’s available.

This is what gets overlooked with the Bethesda acquisition : With all the games coming to Game Pass, it not only means you can play on Xbox or PC, but you can play on mobile as well via the cloud. That sounds very tantalising to me when I eventually get a 5G phone.

Hopefully DOOM and DOOM Eternal come to the service simultaneously. Both are amazing!

I would think that all of Bethesda’s games will be coming to Game Pass. They should be upgraded though for Series X and Series S. That would be amazing.

I would do all of them on November 10th, if they can.

I think they confirmed this was happening. Don’t remember the tweet but i saw it earlier.