Conceptualizing a $149 Xbox Series P(ortable)

(Image is of a 3rd party Switch add-on, edited)

Conceptualizing a what now?

I was thinking about the idea of an xCloud streaming only portable gaming device.

Sure, Xbox isn’t in the business of selling portable gaming consoles. But they are most definitely in the business of selling Gamepass.

Such a device would only be a convenient portable streaming device specifically for Gamepass streaming. No processer, storage or memory designed to run games. All are geared to streaming. Much like a $30 Chromecast device.

Adding a 1080p 7 inch screen (OLED if costs permit; touch input desirability is debatable), 5G, Bluetooth, Wifi support, a suitable battery, headphone jack and a built in controller are the only major components remaining.

Considering the lack of processing and memory required, battery cost is also reduced. Battery life could be quite exceptional if large enough.

Why a Series P?

I look at markets like Japan and think that it’s necessary for Gamepass adoption. I contrast it to the “convenience” of carrying a full sized Xbox controller, or using your phone with any controller add-on. I look to the #1 selling console in Japan in the form of the Switch and see MS moving more units of a Series P than the Series consoles.

Note how well the Switch Lite sold.

Speaking of which, I imagine a device with a form-factor similar to it. A bit bigger screen would be nice though.

But for $149?

How much would and should this cost? Amazon is selling budget tablets, likely at a loss, to sell their own books and entertainment on it. The Fire 8HD comes with a decent processor, RAM, 8 inch screen, and 32GB storage for $80! Replace the processor and RAM for the minimum needed, and get rid of that storage. It seems quite realistic that such a device could retail for $149. Like the Amazon tablet this is definitely a product that would be a loss leader considering that it’s absolutely useless without a Gamepass subscription.

There are other nice to have features like a micro HDMI-out so you could turn any TV into a Gamepass streaming device. I’d argue that this adds a lot of value.

I would personally use it with console streaming even at home. Toilet gaming isn’t for me but, hey, if that’s your thing you can access your Xbox right there on the unholy throne (Xbox Series T amirite lol).

Reasons why this isn’t the hottest idea…

I’ll admit that in non-5G markets it’s a tougher sell. Without 5G, latency would be noticable as the experience would invariably be compared to handheld devices like the Switch. The console streaming experience could actually be pretty good with 5GHz Wi-Fi home networks ensuring low latency and plenty of bandwidth.

In conclusion…

I’ve originally wrote this post months ago, adding to it little by little, and am posting it now after the Switch OLED and Steam Deck reveal. I personally think a Series P could offer something new even with these competing products. An incredibly low price for visuals that are even better than the Deck. Access to hundreds of games (and your own library) without dealing with limited storage. The only drawback being that you need a 5G connection, or streaming over your home network, for an experience indistinguishable from a portable gaming device on your portable streaming device.

Any oversights in this idea? Any features missing? Any costs missing? Any drawbacks or obstacles that I’m missing? Is that price target unattainable? Can it be even lower? Is the idea of a streaming-only device a bad one?

Let me know what you think!


Interesting idea, but honestly if something like this came out, I’d start it at 200 or even a little higher. It’s cheap enough to compete with a switch, but that way you can make it a little nicer feeling than a 150 price, focus on the screen, on a good wifi chip, quality grips and buttons.

Also I’d go with Series M, for mobile. S would have made sense for streaming, but it’s already taken. Neat thought.

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I just don’t think Xbox needs to worry about its own handheld with Xbox being on windows and xcloud streaming to any device.

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If Xbox can sell a 99 dollar screen with Xbox quality integrated controls with a gamepass app then that is a good deal. It won’t play anything natively it would just run the UI and every game would be streamed.


A portable/hybrid replacement for the Xbox Series S @ $300 would be ideal. You can use it just like a Series S now or take it with you. Just like the Switch. Would be possible in 2023 at the earliest? Any kind of streaming-only device I suspect would just be for TVs, like a Roku HDMI stick. Biggest reason why just an smart TV app probably won’t work is because the TV probably couldn’t interface with the controller. You’ll need extra hardware for that. No need to make specific portable hardware just for streaming only when phones & tablets work just fine for that. You only go portable when you can provide a unique experience that you can’t get with a phone or tablet connected to a controller.

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How is this concept more attractive than, say, getting branded controller grips to use with the mobile phone everyone already has? Surely that would be a cheaper soln that is even more accessible, no?


I think if MS makes a handheld it will be the exact spec of a Series S, just shrunk down in size with a screen.

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How long until something like that is possible in this form factor? Another 3 or so years?

without thermal throttling? more than 3 years.

way too goddamn expensive for what’s essentially just a controller add-on that can be tacked on to your already existing smartphone. Maybe 100 dollars would be good cuz thats what the Razer Kishi goes for, Xbox can subsidize their version with the screen and sell it at the same price, then that’d be clutch, otherwise its just needless hardware footprint imo.

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I always wanted one

Must for this device @ $150

  1. 1080p OLED/amoled 7 inch

  2. 60 FPS

  3. For local streaming - 60 GHz mm wave module

  1. For cloud streaming - latest 5Ghz wifi

  2. Battery 10000-15000 mah

  3. 400 nits HDR typical

  4. Xbox controler split in half and attached to it😅

*Note there needs to be some sort of a processor to take care off xCloud app

I may pay $200 if It has 120Hz VRR

Without any major requirements of SoC, Memory and Storage it is plausible to have this type of device at the price point of $150

We already have smartphones with decent OLED/Amoled screens at this price point


I think xCloud dedicated HW could be the future of great mobile gaming. They can get away with the bare minimum HW in the device and spend more money and space on the battery, screen, controls and connectivity, which are arguably the most important part of a mobile device imo. If they can get their servers to deliver close enough native like experience it’s going to be huge.

I’m sure there will be software tricks to help with latency and other AI methods to help with the mobile streaming experience. I think all this might be some time away however, but it will be interesting if they manage it.

The device will pretty much never be outdated either because the HW doesn’t need to be upgraded over time as it will be streaming from a data center so that is what will be upgraded over time. Whenever xCloud gets a new server upgrade the device gets an update. This is the thing that will make this device so good.

I think a streaming device at such a price point is going to miss the mark. It’s as you note going to be compared to the switch. Perhaps Xbox can work on a longer term local and cloud hybrid processing tech (I believe they are doing this) and then such a device could be very viable and interesting with a combination of local and cloud processing improving game latency and functionality.

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Maybe there’s some way to have the player controls and things like that nature be local but everything else is streamed to you. Player control would be the most important thing for latency so get those on the local and stream the actual world and everything that doesn’t matter if it’s not local. Like you said I’m sure they’re working on something like that already. They have got some new streaming IP from Bethesda which could help out.

Even at $149 which isn’t too terrible a price, it’s a tough sell compared to the cost of a controller clip to use with the phone you already have.

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Another benefit of a Xbox device would be a 16:9 display and likely larger than most if not all phones if the every made one or commissioned one. Most phones now are 21:9 or whatever. So you are losing the 16:9 ratio, and likely losing some real estate on the display for the actual game. However, I haven’t tested it. Maybe some phones stretch it? Or likely it is just black bars on the left and right. Another issue with the own device is the 5G connection. You most likely would have to pay for that separate from your cell phone plan. And I am guessing the cost isn’t cheap, and not unlimited in many situations. So extra cost is a real kicker in getting a suitable device. I am basically waiting for Samsung to deliver a 16:9 large phone device, or Microsoft to deliver XCloud device. Especially with the xbox controller setup rather than the Razer or the Backbone feel. We wait…

That would cost close to 1000. The Steam Deck has 1/3 the power of a Series S and is over 600 bucks for a 512GB version.

Many are forgetting that this device we are talking about is simply a peripheral

People comparing it to switch or worried that it would be compared to switch are still thinking like previous console generation

Not anything has to be better then or compared with the competition. Xbox can grow within its market with this type of device.

For example… I may purchase this device and settle for a 1440p cheap monitor instead for my series X. I will use this device with local Xbox streaming to play games in my comfort zone. It will also increase time engagement.

Ya! If it’s just a simple LCD screen at 60 then using your phone is the best choice.

If they want to sell it as a peripheral then they should put feature rich display on it… like

120 hz vrr support and OLED screen with true HDR. A normal phone may not have these features and then it will be worth to by this device.