Certain Affinity helping 343i

This is a great sign they have done great work in the past :clap:


Interesting, good to hear! Can’t wait for this game

Yes, good sign. Give it all the resources and time it needs to shine.

Another studio helping. So 343 is trying to get back on track. And it’s one that has worked with Halo in the past. This is a good sign.

Huge news!!! Max Hoberman, who leads CA, led all user interface, multiplayer maps, gameplay, and online design for Halo 2 and Halo 3. Responsible for some of the greatest multiplayer maps of all time. This should be a big story for all Bungie Halo multiplayer fans. It’s the best Halo news in awhile!


They have been helping since last year.

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Wonder why its coming to light now

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Seems like there’s been a steady stream of these announcements about other studios helping. Probably just to give people some hope it’s going to be ok :+1:

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Yea probably

So they are just announcing studios that working on it? Regardless it is still good to see they have more helping than what we knew before.

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5yrs and all these support studios and what they showed looked not great and has had to be delayed…

An orchestra needs a maestro. I really get the impression that 343s has been asleep at the helm.

The gameplay looked great, it is just the graphics that needed more polish to me. Let’s wait for the final product, which should have plenty of content, before jumping to conclusion.



Them coming in late 2019 tells me that that’s when movement and gameplay mostly got figured out. They specialize in map design. So I assume once 343 got the gameplay figured out they brought CA in to make some killer maps.


Great news. :slight_smile:

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Why only since December though?

Given their history I was actually assuming they were helping since day one.

Ah that answers then

I feel like Halo Infinite will set records for people involved and cost of development. Which puts even more pressure on the final product. Particularly given the July reveal.

This just feels like it’s been…problematic to say the least.

Hoberman and Staten know how to land the plane. They got Halo 2 across the finish line and that was in MUCH worse shape than Halo Infinite seems to be.


Every XGS seems to be going at full throttle except 343. Which is concerning considering they are definitely the studio receiving the most resources currently in terms of staff and funding…

The gameplay looked like halo… Which is a good thing.

But let’s pretend that this is just being delayed for the graphics. Although I cannot state that that is fact with 100% certainty, the opposite is correct too. Nobody should be jumping to conclusions as to the exact reason for the delay.

A year delay will put this to 6 years, it is expected to be feature packed, and anything less would be another indictment of 343s project management.