Project Suerte: A Monster Hunter-like co-op game by Certain Affinity, published by XGS

So this is third-hand information, but per the Gaming Leaks subreddit, Jeff Grubb is saying that Xbox Game Studios went looking for devs to partner with on a Monster Hunter-like co-op game, and ended up working with Certain Affinity.

Just thought it was interesting enough to share, given Certain Affinity’s past involvement with the Halo and Call of Duty franchises.

Update: Additional information from Jez Corden

I can confirm via our own separate sources that this game is indeed real, and is currently codenamed Project Suerte. Suerte is reportedly a “Monster Hunter” inspired game, implying big monster battles with multiplayer gameplay. The game is in development by Certain Affinity, which is known primarily as a support studio on titles like Halo and Call of Duty.

According to the information I’ve received over the last few months, Project Suerte has been in development since the summer of 2020, and is likely slated for a 2023 reveal and 2024 release, although it may come a bit sooner or later depending on the dynamism and variables that often come with game development.


I’m not a huge Monster Hunter fan, but any new quality game on GP is welcome. What’s Certain Affinity track record?

It’s my understanding they’re a support studio primarily, and that they’ve worked on Halo and Call of Duty in the past. When I used the search to see if anyone had already posted this particular rumour, I came upon this thread about their involvement in Halo Infinite, and people seemed pleased with that news. The studio having a bunch of former Bungie staffers I’m sure can’t hurt their rep, either.

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I know MHW was playable solo. Hoping this game will be the same.


Updated the thread with information from @Jez

Even if they just shamelessly ripped off MH:W and have it a proper robust multiplayer/coop instead of all the weird hoops and crap you had to jump through I’d be sold.

Sounds like a pretty easy goal to me in concept. Make MH, fix multiplayer, find a couple other things to tweak, release Day 1 GamePass, profit.


Well this sounds fucking perfect

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Thanks. I encourage anyone interested in this topic to click through to that Windows Central article. It’s got all kinds of good stuff.

Also, here’s a Wikipedia page with a list of all of Certain Affinity’s past projects, should you wonder exactly what their pedigree is:

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Hope it finds its onw niche in this genre, maybe sci-fi? Or high fantasy would be cool too, they just need to avoid the cartoonish look.

After MHW which was my first real MH game i am totally onboard with this.

Looking at their website, they are mostly an Halo and COD support studio, it’s a perfect match and a long standing partnership.


I like how Microsoft is testing these studios to see if they’ll be a fit for acquisition. Anyways, I just hope solo play is fun and i hope it’s not too grindy


I’ll allow it only because it’s good to have a backup plan in case Sony tries to moneyhat Monster Hunter World 2.

This is from almost a year ago, but presumably this press release is referring to Project Suerte:

A quote from the release:

We have been building towards this project for the past few years. We’re thrilled to have signed an agreement to lead development on our most ambitious title to date. This game is our creative vision to lead and our team is exceptionally passionate about it.


God I will explode if that happens

Considering Sony just hired a former Capcom exec as a something or other, you might want to schedule in a Capcom related “anger explosion” somewhere.

I’m leaning more towards SF6 but I could see Dragon’s Dogma 2 or MHW2.

Sounds interesting. I bought MHW but couldn’t really get into it (playing solo), but I did get the appeal.

remember when folks thought xbox game publishing wasn’t doing “enough”

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Love seeing them working with Xbox closely again. Best wishes on their first original game.

This’ll be something to watch and see how it turns out. I played alot of MH-likes and the only one I liked was Freedom Wars. Toukiden isn’t too bad either.

Here’s to hoping they nail it cuz a lot of them didn’t for me unfortunately.