Central thread to clear up Sony's confusing PR

Why don’t they show a demonstration of how backwards compatibility works?


Still says nothing about at launch or not.

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What happened to letting people know of pre-orders in advance?

Then telling people pre-orders open tomorrow on some random twitter feed.

Then, oops, actually nevermind, pre-orders open now!

Don’t let people read the small print, actually have an hands-on on our hardware, or even know about BC before pre-ordering!

I was actually looking forward to the presentation and the console, but was unsure. I am now skipping the console this year for sure.


The fact that their PR needs cleaning up says a lot about their showcase.


The other thing about Demon’s Souls that I just realized…it’s set up is materially different than Spiderman and Horizon’s, but rather similar to Death Stranding. Death Stranding was pitced as a PC/PS4 game, but once Sony revealed it then it was a PS4-only title. But then later on it was not longer listed as a PS4 exclusive on Sony’s website and once that got enough attention Sony claimed it was an error and ‘fixed’ it. Then after it hit PS4, it magically manifested itself into existing on PC several months later. I bet they are doing the same bait and switch here. They couldn’t do that with Spiderman or Horizon since those are planned for concurrent release with PS4 versions.


Wait, did they go into more detail about the hardware and UI? VRS? Mesh Shaders? UI? …anything?

absolutely nothing, no third party hardware break down, no UI information, no media apps info.



Looks like the Digital edition will be out of stock soon as well:

So it looks like PS5 Disc is 30 dollars more than the Xbox Series X in Canada. Wow, who in their right mind would pay more for a console with lower specs and $80 games.

There is no point on getting digital edition, its already sold out.

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I wonder if we’re gonna see Ryan from IGN come back to this. Really doubt it though. For a while I thought “cmon, you guys are seeing things” when I read complaints about how when Xbox does something it’s always negative, Sony does it…it’s all good.

But it’s true. Years ago with Rise of the Tomb raider. CD received death threats and I believe the writer did too. I also believe the media wasn’t exactly silent about it. Have they said anything about FF16 and how it’s basically a shitty practice?


He won’t.

He praised Sony for their Ff16 deal.

He bashed Microsoft for their rise of the tomb raider deal.

Double standards.

Is ign in sonys pocket? Or are they just mega biased over there?


I kinda want to see the tweets to his tweet. Surely some people mention his double standards?

I think IGN is always going to lean to whoever gets them the most clicks.

now he’s blocked



Honestly embarrassing, Ryan is meant to be a professional.


When you think about, imagine the disaster Xbox would be facing if

  • Released an underpowered, oversized console
  • Cross Gen launch titles after perseuding the masses that ‘we believe in generations’
  • Yield issues
  • Lack of transparency and communication
  • Charge 80 dollars per game

The list goes on but this would have been just as bad as an Xbox One launch. Thank god Phil is in charge, he is executing a near perfect console launch with power, game pass, cloud gaming, and backwards compatibility.


Lol the guy runs an Xbox podcast! I think he’s just a contrarian.

I stopped watching Unlocked podcast as soon as I realized that he is nothing more than a hypocrite.


Yep, complete fool.

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