Central thread to clear up Sony's confusing PR

So figured it was time to create a thread to try and unwind and clear up Sony’s really confusing (on purpose) PR and marketing for games, hardware etc.

  • FF16 is a timed console exclusive, probably 1 year
  • Demons Souls had a trailer saying timed exclusive but that may have been a marketing mistake (Probably Still PS exclusive)
  • The major announced Sony 1st parties titles for the next year or so are also PS4 games - Spiderman Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West etc. This is pretty much the same as Xbox 1st party
  • Sony is raising 1st party game prices to $69.99, MS has not said anything about raising prices but even if they did Gamepass is still a thing for MS 1st party

So let’s use this thread to expound on clearing up Sony’s confusing PR statements, it is confusing on purpose.


Backwards compatibility? Yes? No? Partially? Only on PSNow via streaming?

Edit: BC enhancements of any kind?


Yea we have no idea how many PS4 games will be BC at launch. All of Sony s statements give no indication of the status of BC at launch.

See the shitty part is that even with Sony saying this now why should ppl take them at their word?


What’s up with the brief foggy/smokey areas in the doorways in the Demon’s Souls gameplay btw? That looked a lot like masked loading that was masked really poorly.

It was like that in original game. It is a way to get to a boss. They could still use it to hide loading though.

Lol. I mean I’m all for the cross-gen games, this means I can play Miles Morales and Horizon without buying a new console, so yay me.

But oh wow, what a shitty thing to do to talk for months about how these games were next-gen only and get their fans all excited when they knew it was a lie. And the $70 price tag is the icing on the cake.


What an absolute crazy day, Sony painted this grand picture since the Unreal Engine 5 demo and then pull the curtains up in the last minute and surprise everyone what their real intentions were.

The insane part is, Sony knew what they were doing as well, they were trying to sell people a vision rather than what the realty is. Still can’t believe bait and switch still happens today in 2020.


Of all the games that could use next gen exclusivity, Demons Souls is the last one I’d choose for it. Nothing about the demo today made me think a decent, very playable version couldn’t be done on PS4. And PC loves Souls games. They’re just leaving money on the table.


Unreal Engine was also just pure marketing that’s all. The reality is most of their studios will be using in house engines. Ironically, it’s Xbox that has most of their studios using Unreal, with two of them already confirmed to be built on Unreal Engine 5


It indeed was a pure marketing play but since it was the first reveal of PS5, it ended up being used as a baseline of what all PS5 games will look like. It ended up biting them in their ass today though


Exactly. Lol they even preserved the fog, which was originally meant for loading the other side, so… Why not just do that on ps4 as well? Seems artificially bolstered to be next gen. The actual surprise was Horizon coming to ps4, lmao who woulda thought leaving behind 100 million+ gamers wasn’t a perfectly good idea and Sony also cares about money.


99% of games are back compat apparently. PS Plus thing is just an extra 18 free GwG type thing.

Pre orders are open in Canada now at Best Buy.

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The Demon’s Souls thing was a human error… Right… I have to believe that now? I don’t expect it to come to Xbox, but PC, yes.

Happy about the cross gen stuff though, no reason for me to get rid of my PS4 for a while.

Now, God of War 2… 2021? Really? First I’m 99% sure it will get delayed to 2022 (wouldn’t surprise me if it’s already actually planned for 2022), they can’t be putting so many of their eggs in the same basket (2020-2021). Now, if it’s really planned for 2021, is it cross gen? How can a game of this scale be made in 3 years and take full advantage of the new HW, especially the SSD?

I’m kinda bummed by that actually, I don’t care if it’s 2022 or 2023, I want a full next-gen GoW2, not GoW 2018 with a fresh coat of paint and recycled assets/maps…


You know what’s hilarious, pre-orders are already up for PS5 yet no one has seen a physical version of the console and their website doesn’t even list the technical specs.


Phil Spencer is owed some apologies today, remember when he said that it was a meme that games couldn’t be scaled to different generations of hardware and took all kinds of guff for that. And the games people cited as examples against his way of thinking were… wait for it… Horizon 2 and Miles Morales.


what does the PS5 UI look like? What apps will be available for launch?

I would definitely be concerned if Netflix or other media apps I use everyday aren’t there day 1

Another thing Sony hasn’t said a single thing about.


I’m amazed at how Sony gets through everything without any back lash…

Journalists, will ignore all the negatives, and find a way to bash xbox at the same time.


Here’s some clarification on Backwards Compatibility.