Casey Hudson announces Humanoid Studios

Casey Hudson, best known as the project lead on Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect, announced his new development studio today, Humanoid Studios.

There’s not much to go off of right now, but the job listings point to this being an Unreal Engine project.

Casey Hudson is responsible for some of my all-time favourite games, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this.

It’s also worth noting that there is no publisher attached as of now. Casey Hudson has a long history with Microsoft, so I could see them leveraging that relationship for this project. Epic could be a possibility as well. I’d rule Sony out, as they have the announcement of their partnership with new studios always come at the same time, which isn’t the case here.


Well I wish his new studio the best and I hope he continues to make absolute classics.


I wonder why he didn’t come back to MS, I remember him returning to Bioware to aid for Anthem launch.

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I mean, if he was super set on creating a brand new studio, I wouldn’t be surprised if Xbox/Microsoft wasn’t too interested. Satya/Phil have been pretty vocal about their opinions on starting new teams after The Initiative.

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Hope this game takes influence from mass effect and Dragon Age

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I was waiting for this…its like laidlaw started yellow brick games with a bunch of x ubisoft people…its a year out, and they slowly growing the team…ahd they had 15 at studio launch. From what i can tell,building the studio getting talent to join is the hardest part. I like both casey and laidlaw cannot wait to see their games in a few years.


I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this, but I imagine it’ll be quite some time before we see anything from Humanoid Studios. That said, I have faith Casey Hudson and Co. will create something special; a little patience is all that’s required, on our end.

Another new studio to keep an eye on in the years ahead.

Quite a few legendary names have now moved on & created new studios. Leslie Benzies, Raphael Colantonio, Mike Laidlaw, etc. It’ll definitely be cool to see what they all come up with.


Wish him the best and I hope he continues to create absolute classics.

MS should have got him while they had the chance. Who knows maybe they can collaborate on their first project.

Indeed. I would love to see what Leslie can come up without the millstone of the Housers round his neck :smiley:

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Has Casey Hudson shipped a product since Mass Effect 3? Seems like he’s been bouncing around between studios for the past several years but hasn’t actually gotten a game out. Kind of like Jade Raymond.

Anyway, wishing him luck and hoping that his next project is another RPG!

He was involved with Anthem before leaving BioWare & oversaw it’s release as General Manager after returning.

That’s maybe best forgotten though…

Ah, for some reason I was thinking he didn’t return to BioWare until after Anthem was already out.

You might actually be right about that. You’ve got me thinking now & I’m not sure.

But he definitely did supervise the early production of the game. That’s for certain.

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Correct. He was there for the early stages of Bioware building something new. Saw that in the Anthem-Kotaku article yesterday too lol.


Casey Hudson directed and/or wrote some of my favourite all time games like KOTOR and the ME Trilogy but he’s also responsible for ME3’s story and ending. Anthem also wasn’t that great. He’s got some proving to do.

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Ok…casey when he keft bioware first time, he went to.Microsoft. But he was not in gaming,but something vr hardware related…then aaron flyn asked him to succeed him as ceo of bioware. He was the head guy of bioware. His experience is great for a studio founder. Btw just because someone worked as a deev soesnt’ mean their qualified to run a studio, differrnt subset of skills. Casey has a good, rounded work experience but he’s upper management. Casey has his rep, contacts enough to help him find his core team, he may pull in ex bioware, many have left.

So he went from BioWare, to Hololens, back to BioWare and now his own studio?

Interesting. I hope he has the talent and financial backing to make something great.


He has a key hand in some of the best Bioware titles ever released. I wish him the best, hope he gets the right backing to be successful.

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Sorry for the bump, but I just noticed that a job listing revealed that the game the studio is working on is indeed science fiction.

It will probably be years before we see this, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for any information in the mean time.