Casey Hudson announces Humanoid Studios

Could you elaborate on this? I haven’t heard anything about them being hesitant to start new teams. But then again, I don’t keep my ear to the ground as much as I’d like.

Awesome. A new sci-fi IP from the people involved with KotOR and Mass Effect? Count me in with bells on.


Yep! I think Satya was the one that famously said “You can’t build a team in a day” or something along those lines.

It’s not that they’re against expanding new teams, creating satellite studios, and such, but it seems they’d rather initially grow through a purchase, then expand.

Now that they have so many teams, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them build another new developer again (again, not counting satellite studios).

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I think with Activision they have a great opportunity for restructuring and expanding studios and teams.

They have a large pool of talent and workforce and studios that have been stuck on CoD for a long time now. If they can detach a lot of those teams from Cod and put them back on their own games/IP, whether teams within studios or even rebrand & repurpose of studios, that’d as close to building new studios as possible.


Yep! I think the acquisition focus right now for Xbox should be to prioritize support devs that might be able to help each branch of Microsoft gaming. Especially A-B.

Think its easier to start a NEW team from within an established studio, even tho it still takes time as PG-Fable is any indication, than to start from scratch.


Yep, and we can see it’s something so many in the industry are heading towards. Multi-team, multi-project studios.

lets see if Coalition takes the hint

Cool. Thanks. And that does make sense, when you acquire instead of start from scratch, you get things like team cohesion included with your purchase. As well as in-progress work.

On the flip side though, you’ve got potential for getting various problems included with your purchase. Exhibit A currently being Kotick and Activision.

Yeah, I think a lot of what has been said by Xbox pre-Activison can probably be reconsidered now. It would make sense to alter your planning and your vision, when you’ve suddenly added 10,000 people to your team.

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Absolutely agree with this!

Humanoid’s website was updated with some new information and concept art on their new project.

“Our current project is a multi platform AAA game, focusing on character-driven narrative in an all-new science-fiction universe.”



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Broke free of “PS investment third party” suite.

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Everything I wanted to hear!

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There is one more thing we want to hear

Game Pass


Can’t wait to experience this new universe they are creating as a big Mass Effect fan, and also happy to see it’s multiplatform but the pessimist in me expects some sort of moneyhat from Sony, especially because they are lacking in AAA WRPGs, hope not though.


They did say multiplatform. Sony moneyhats don’t usually say that even if they are also going to PC.

Anyways Casey does amazing work, this has the chance to really take off, just seeing the artwork and description indicates this will be a space faring and traveling RPG has me pumped up!