Capcom leak: Sony paid for Monster Hunter World timed exclusivity & to block crossplay and cross-progression

The blocking of cross play and cross progression is a really sketchy move when you think about it, because it is fucking over their own user base and Sony paid to do it lol.

Honestly the Game Pass model is a winner all round, as you say. It harms no one and Xbox is actually adding value to their user base rather than exclusivity which doesn’t, because the game was coming to you anyway.


Sony has never been so aggressive with moneyhats as they’re now, we can smell their money on almost every Japanese made game out there, when they straight up terminated their own Japanese studio.

This tells me one clear thing, they’re terrified of Xbox, the moment they decided to terminate their Japanese support, Xbox shows up wanting blood and a revenge for last gen and Xbox is spending every penny to get what they want.

Sony knows all this and what can they do? Alienate Xbox audience, moneyhat as many Japanese games as they can, buy as many marketing partnership as they can, get bonuses or whatever. Not because they care for Japanese games, but because they can’t let Xbox in, or they’ll sorely lose this gen.

Needless to say, Xbox is in. Sega tasted it, Bandai Namco tasted it, Capcom tasted it and Square did too. Now all that’s left is to rush to gamepass and get this fresh, growing audience, an audience they never had before, for Japanese games, just there waiting to buy play and enjoy their game, free of metascores bullshit.

Done are the times of timed exclusivity where you gain some money but your game still bombs and becomes dependant of that one platform, done is the fear of making or breaking, you’ll gain the money, gain the audience and gain the other platforms too, no more choosing sides, just choosing gaming and freedom to everyone.

My prediction is: Sony will start funding third-party games from the ground up, that’s the only way any publisher would justify chaining themselves for years with a game or franchise on one platform.


Not a good look. So much bad press for Sony recently wow


God I hope gamepass really leaves sony in the dust they deserve it for the anti consumer moves they pull with the AAA multiplats

You think this will actually generate bad press for sony?

That’s a lot of confidence with no evidence. You make it sound like Sony sent thugs over to the Capcom offices to force them to do it. Capcom choose money and agreed to Sony’s proposals.



Have no clue. The responses on other era seem pretty negative.

I think some gamers may think it’s bad but I think most press will think it’s just business. I make no judgement…

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Yeah now that I think about it its not bad. But bad press generates headlines and it kind of seems popular to pile on Sony right now. Outrage leads to more clicks and views on YouTube

Its called financial pressure. Not playground style bullying. use common sense to realise what i mean

Look at the marketing deal with REVillage for PS5. Sony did everything they could except agree a timed exclusivity deal and the only reason that didn’t happen is due to the enormous power MS have in the console market these days. Capcom USA thankfully have more balls and guts than Capcom Japans main directors. RE is a global franchise. So Sony had no leverage into making it into a timed exclusive. Because i’ll tell you this right now…Sony absolutely tried to everything to get that a console timed exclusive as well. But the influence of Capcom’s western figure heads blocked it.


MS drove that arrogant tool Kutaragi out of the business. Remember when he told people they should work two jobs to pay for a 600 dollar console? and that the 360 would be a niche system for americans? The culture and history of this company is just full of entitled arrogant bigots.


How do you know they tried to make it a timed exclusive? That sounds like something you’ve made up.

Surely nothing about this surprises anyone at this point?


Always expected, always terrible anyway… gladly, times are changing for the better, some timed stuff will still appear, but it’ll come to pass.

They tried to make TONS of timed exclusives. Hence why they have so many for so many games this gen. But not all of them came through because some companies just said no or the deal was too much.

100% I’m absolutely certain Sony tried to moneyhat timed exclusives for a lot more games and managed to get probably half of them.

Just look at Bethesda. IF MS didn’t buy them…they might have moneyhatted more exclsuives. They even tried to get Starfield but Todd told them to fuck off obviously.

Sony wanted to buy Starfield exclusivity but Xbox bought Bethesda - MSPoweruser.

Even if you don’t believe it. I do because this is what Sony will do. They cannot afford to buy studios so they’ll moneyhat games off Xbox to try and get a firmer grip on the market.

Now PS5 is selling really well and good luck to them. But sony don’t just want the PS5 to sell well, they want the Xbox to not sell well but fortunately MS have other plans and are going sell as many consoles as they can produce too for a while.


As Game Pass grows, moneyhats will start to cost Sony more money than it’s worth. Not only that, more and more third parties will be less willing to take a timed exclusivity moneyhat that locks out Game Pass when they can take a Game Pass moneyhat that lets them continue to sell their game on all platforms as well as taking cash up front.


Exactly. Thank god for Phil and Xbox right now. Timed exclusives are anti consumer. Gamepass isn’t.

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Exactly, and I think it is already changing quickly there, since Game Pass seems to be the talk of the town between publishers ( if we believe ACG on that ).


Yep, that’s exactly it. Gamepass offers the same money or even more than Sony would ever offer, while giving an instant audience that will judge the game by themselves and not by metascores. Will still give the chance to support other platforms and the game series can have a higher chance at sequels, almost guaranteed IMO.