Capcom leak: Sony paid for Monster Hunter World timed exclusivity & to block crossplay and cross-progression

Resetera thread if you want to follow the discussion there: Apparently Sony paid for Monster Hunter Worlds time exclusivity & blocked crossplay Rumor | ResetEra


The timed exclusivity thing is pretty standard in the industry but the baffling thing is they apparently paid Capcom so that World would not have crossplay and cross-saves, they literally paid money to make the game worse for all players on all platforms.


It’s easy to blame Sony but Capcom willingly agreed to do this. The final decision comes from Capcom so I put the blame on them.



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Sony paid and Capcom agreed. Everybody has a price.

Yep, I’m ready for Xbox to start paying for GP deals and Sony be left in the dust.


The large GP deals don’t harm gamers on other platforms, at least not that we’ve seen. They’re not keeping the game off the other console or PC platforms.


I think this was also the case with Avengers. Good reason to believe Sony blocked crossplay on the game because Spidey was gonna be in it but exclusively on their console, so he couldn’t be seen on an Xbox or PC hence hamstringing the entire crossplay across the board for that one thing.

Just sucks that the game turned out to be doodoo water that no one cares about now, and Sony’s probably seething rn for having paid money for this dumbass exclusivity nonsense.


Gee shocking Sony continuing to push horrible anti consumer practices in the industry. Nothing Sony does surprises me anymore.

They are moving like a company in death throws knowing their business model is outdated.


I don’t know if they’re aware of that yet.

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The good thing is that those kind of deals now have a deadline with Gamepass growing so fast.

As Outriders show, gamepass is much more effective than timed exclusives or marketing deals, and soon no company will be crazy to strike a deal with Sony if it means being blocked of the hype machine that GP creates


I agree with this. :smiley:


That would be nice

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It’s already happening.

Not too shocked, I mean, the FF deals of today’s are even worse, so at least it wasn’t a deal like SFV, I think Phil acted to stop it, I remember him saying that he wanted the game on Xbox. I don’t know if Capcom will sign these deals again in the future or they will behave like Bandai Namco and SEGA which now fully support Xbox for their main things (I don’t blame them if a minor niche thing doesn’t arrive, the only hole left with these two is Atlus).

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They certainly are.

They just can’t do anything to stop it.

Oh and this just adds to my theory that this was the reason we still haven’t gotten FF14 on Xbox.

Not because of bullshit reason that tries to put the blame on Xbox #2895 but because Sony paid for it.


This is why we can’t have good things.

Timed exclusivity we are used to but imagine specifically paying money to block cross-play & cross-progression on a multi-platform, third party game like Monster Hunter.

What an absolute dick move.

& yeah, as BRiT said earlier in the thread, Game Pass deals aren’t hurting anyone by comparison. MS must’ve payed a pretty penny to get Outriders day one, for example, but did that harm people playing on competing platforms. No. No it did not, it just rewarded Game Pass subscribers.

Night & day difference between the “big 2” at the moment, in terms of being seen as consumer friendly. What a switch it’s been since the start of last generation.