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Call of the Sea Reviews & OT

Metacritic (PC): 80

Metacritic (Xbox)

OpenCritic: 79

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IGN - 9

Call of the Sea Review - IGN

Developer Out of the Blue’s debut game is a gorgeous homage to the films and games that inspired it. Through engaging Myst-style puzzles and a captivating story, Call of the Sea triumphs in bringing its island alive, along with the characters that have explored it. It delivers a short-lived but engrossing experience through stunning art direction and an excellent voice cast, with the biggest of its minor annoyances being a slow movement speed. If a fun, but emotionally affecting adventure is what you’re searching for then Call of the Sea most definitely answers that call.

DualShockers - 6.5

Call of the Sea Review — H.P. Likecraft | DualShockers

Call of the Sea is a great start for developer Out of the Blue but didn’t entirely capture me on any front, despite standout moments.

TheSixthAxis - 9

Call of the Sea Review – TheSixthAxis

Call of the Sea’s original setting, narrative, and overall feel totally hooked me – even when I wasn’t playing I found myself working over the puzzles in my head. If you’re a fan of emotional stories and challenging logical puzzles then you should dive straight into this adventure.

GameSpew - 8

Call of the Sea Review – GameSpew

XboxEra - 7

Review: Call of the Sea - XboxEra

If you want to investigate a mystery by exploring a beautiful location and solving puzzles whilst also learning about Polynesian culture this is a good place to do just that. I have played numerous games of this type over the years and this is another that I really enjoyed. I certainly felt a sense of achievement at the game’s conclusion.

With sumptuous visuals, a gorgeous soundtrack and some very clever puzzles, you’d be wise to check this game out on Game Pass or via Steam.


Call of the Sea is an otherworldly tale of mystery and love set in the 1930s South Pacific. Explore a lush island paradise, solve puzzles and unlock secrets in the hunt for your husband’s missing expedition.

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Challenging, logical puzzles sound great to me!

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Good reviews!

I will play this soon since we have a competition in the Achievement hunting-thread here on the forum and this is the December game.

Would have played it anyway, it looks fun, but there are a lot of games now… I have never been this swamped in games lol. Still trying to finish Gears Tactics…

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Looking forward to this one! Will be playing this after Cyberpunk, Dragon Quest & Haven. For some reason it gives me Edith Finch vibes, which can only be a good.

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Shame it seems to have dropped Ray Tracing after being advertised for it but understandable for a small studio making their first game.

Why I personally wouldnt put too much stock into those xbox wire dev posts.

Great OT, thanks. Haven’t had this game on my radar but it looks like an adventure game with a sea of thieves look. Plus it’s on Game Pass so I will definitely check it out.


Tried a bit yesterday. Liked it but performance on SX is not good. Tons of stuttering. I think I’ll be waiting for a patch to continue.

One weird thing is that the game was supposed to use raytracing but I found no instance of that. Reflections are screen space, shadows are shadow maps and GI doesn’t seem to react to the few objects that moved. Still, very good lighting overall

Edit: Oh, so they are adding RT post launch.

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Yep. It looks good, but like some other walking simulators, the movement is not optimal. Graphics are not really that demanding, especially for a SX, so I don’t know what’s going on. Small team and budget I suppose, so that’s understandable. That is still a good little game to hope in between big titles. I’m not too far into it, but the story is interesting.

Well, fuck. I was afraid of that when they showed footage of it last month. Was hoping they would smoothen that framerate out. I’m gonna give it a shot myself in the evening, but if that bad I’ll just wait until they fix that.

I really liked the Xboxera review and also that it mentioned some technical aspects i.e 4k 60fps. However did the reviewer not notice the performance issues mentioned a lot on the series x? That kind of thing needs to be flagged in a review, particularly one focused on the xbox alone.

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For me at least when arriving at the island there’s a pretty much constant stuttering. Basically only goes away when you are pointing to a small confined area.


Ah thanks for letting me know. I was wondering the same. I’ll just hold out till they patch it in. Got to chapter 3 though. Enjoyed it so far.

Off topic, anyone know when they’re patching RT in to Observer? Been waiting on that to play it. Its been a month.

Hm so unplayable for me. Can’t stand that in 1st person. Waiting for patch it is.

This game performs kind of bad to be honest.

I know it’s an indie game, but still…

Hopefully The Medium is better.

Yeah and while it looks good artistically, technically, its pretty mediocre. No reason why the Series X would have such a hard time running this game. Especially without the Ray Tracing they had talked about previously.

At this point, I have no faith in The Medium performing well. Observer: SR is still a horrible mess.

This is a studio making their first game. Context.

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That’s good context.

So its the developer’s fault? Not the system that’s been displaying copious amounts of performance issues across other games?

Not cool to blame an indie dev, man. Especially during a pandemic.

Im not gonna get into this with you right now.