Call of Duty franchise: over 125M players in Warzone, over 425M premium games sold, over 650M COD Mobile downloads, over $30B revenue generated, over 3,000 people now working on COD

Since “Warzone’s” release, Activision has ramped up its resources around Call of Duty, with over 3,000 people now working on the franchise, according to the company.


And people want to skip a year for this money printing machine :joy:


They’re going to skip a year anyways.


Mobile and Warzone are the most important revenue streams though. And those are not released every year.

Having a $70 COD launching day 1 in gamepass is gonna be a megaton, people might be underestimating the potential


And this is why COD will remain multiplatform because you don’t stop this moneytrain. I do think being biennial can still generate tons of revenue for franchise

What a Behemoth of a franchise.

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That right there is the exact reason you drop 68 bills.

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I don’t know. GP will decimate direct sales anyway on Xbox. Might as well drop PS direct sales as Warzone 1, Warzone 2 exists. Not to mention rumored F2P zombie mode and mobile.

Happy for CoD Studio 1-9!

We made all our studios into CoD-support studios - Weird thing to brag about but mmkay.

Changes from April 2021:

Warzone : +25M players

Premium sales : +25M copies sold

From May 2021:

COD Mobile: +150M downloads


COD may be the cheat code to make COD gain significant growth. However, there will still be a good portion that will still buy game outside of gamepass.

pc game pass too will have a very significant margin on pc direct sales. as long as you are prepared to go so far, ps5 direct sales mean really nothing.

And you should also consider potentially all these F2P coming via cloud. The potential of growth is immense.

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There’s pretty great justification for either direction, but if you want to see specific growth in your ecosystem and subscriptions (GP), making one of the best-selling games of all time exclusive to the aforementioned ecosystem sure is a great way to do so - at least on console. At the end of the day, gamers have proven time and time again that they will follow where their favorite games are made, or where there’s a benefit of choosing one over the other, and there are far less diehards/cultists than Twitter/Other Site would have you believe.

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Haven’t bought a COD game new since BLops 2 and don’t ever plan to. If Vanguard is any indication…its on the decline.

The forced 70 dollar price tag for what is a 4 hour campaign and copy pasted MP is disgusting though. hopefully when MS buys them they’ll pipe down and drop back down to 60 instead of following Sony’s shitty greedy policy.

for someone looking for a point and shoot online multiplayer game, COD has all the dials set.

and they have dialed it in a long time ago.

calling vanguard an indicator of decline is really not very correct, since it was best selling game of 2021 (npd) and still top-5 in 2022

ok, activision for sure wants to make a bigger profit from every next cod entry, but that hardly qualifies as a decliner for the game

Yeah I hear ya, and I think a game like COD would get people into ecosystem by having perks for being on xbox. I remember COD community switching between xbox and playstation due to maps, early beta access, and exclusive modes. I think having perks such as warzone perks in gamepass ultimate, day one gamepass, early beta, exclusive skins, and other perks could make people switch platforms if its the go to place for content. Anyways, I feel if you’re a COD fan on xbox you’ll be living great since there will be plenty of perks and access to COD library. However, I lived with the reality that there’s a 80/20 chance COD remains multiplatforms and it doesn’t matter to me since I don’t have to buy COD again since it’s on gamepass.

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Absolutely, I’m fine with either decision, and I think Xbox fans should be too (given GP), I was simply just reiterating that there’s a pretty good justification to make it exclusive, or at least no longer on Sony consoles (as we know the intent to bring CoD to Switch).

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I wonder if it is native port like COD Mobile or cloud version (as it seems Nintendo is toying around with them), especially considering the potential F2P cloud launch of Warzone (like with Fortnite)