Call of Duty franchise: over 125M players in Warzone, over 425M premium games sold, over 650M COD Mobile downloads, over $30B revenue generated, over 3,000 people now working on COD

MW 2019 was amazing

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It really was. I’m not much of an MP player these days - I’ve enjoyed the few rounds of Warzone I’ve played though, to be fair - but the single-player campaigns have almost all been stellar (minus several of Treyarch’s IMO).

the trailer for MW2 is soo bad. I am hyped but the mood in that trailer is offputting

Those are some depressing stats. If the MS buyout goes through, hopefully they let some of those 3000 devs work on something else.

The Series really needs to slow down on the releases and give the teams time to make a COD that actually innovates.


Warzone 1 (all platforms), Warzone 2 (all platforms) salt mines are deep :joy:

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Gotta find that right balance with these studios, you don’t want a 343 situation where they clearly don’t have enough staff to compete with other live service games but you also don’t want 9+ studios working on one IP.


I’ll play it one day when it comes to Gamepass. I can’t justify 60 dollars for a 4-5 hour campaign. I use to be huge into COD back in the 360 days. I’ve sort of gotten over them. Probably due to me not being a Multiplayer guy anymore

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Why salt?

Efficiency will be the key thing going forward, they need to do things more efficient in game dev which is going to be hard to do but whoever figured it out will be rewarded handsomely.

Also if there were still any questions why MS bought ABK there’s the big sign haha, not only do they get COD but they also get one of the biggest and most beloved (not so much recently) PC developers in Blizzard.

  • Drop last gen consoles, that’s half the QA work wiped away and non-trivial amount of Dev work wiped away.
  • Drop PlayStation, that’s a third the QA work wiped away and non-trivial amount of Dev work wiped away.
  • Efficiency improved.