Brad Sams: Did MS show off Halo Infinite gameplay in their holiday commercial?

Holiday Commercial:

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If miracles exist, maybe. That looks radically different from the previous gameplay. I don’t expect the game to look that different from the Showcase gameplay, maybe some upgraded lighting via Raytracing and better texture work.

Brad Sims sorry I know it’s a typo but it’s hilarious :smile:


Seeing the bits from the 2018 trailer just makes me sad man. How fucking good does that still look? Goddamned good! They really set expectations with that trailer for sure.

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:grinning: Corrected.

I think the gameplay is taken from Halo 5.


It’s the same HUD as halo 5 when you play as master chief. I think the gameplay it’s from the second level of chief when he is in genesis


:frowning: I knoooow

I was told by a dev who knows people in the industry that’s still the target. Often games fall short of their target but we should keep in mind what their goal was…and probably still is now that they have time. By the time Halo releases, they’ll have had more time with the tools. Will be able to leverage the power more. Considering that the game design is “held back” by the Xbox One, that should be good news in a way for the graphics. They’ll be able to apply that delta towards details and performance. Doesn’t guarantee anything…but it’s another case where the delay and finding out that immature tools were causing problems for all devs is actually good news for the long term potential of a game that’s getting more time to cook.

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I would freaking love it, but it would mean a huge improvement, truly huge. Even the small things like grass swaying in the wind in the 2018 trailer, it’s all static in the gameplay footage. The ground looks incredibly detailed in the 2018 trailer when they show the mud and the desert like area and the lighting makes such a big difference too.

But, tike will tell! :slight_smile:

I was actually listening to my dev friend watch it live. He kept saying “that looks like a texture placeholder”, “why’d they show this with that there?”…and was generally surprised by the amount of things that from his world looked “temporary”. The grass was one of the things he pointed out. He builds assets and explained that the real games often look far worse than the final product 6 months before release. Especially when using new game engines. He also explained that there’s different builds of a game and even if he’s created better looking assets, they may not be used in a gameplay build because they could “break it”. Vertical slices are not the real games. While that was a vertical slice we saw in July, there’s not a 1 to 1 correlation between how good or bad a vertical slice is and the final version.

Of course if the devs were struggling with a vertical slice so close to launch, that’s not a great sign for the full game which was evident with the delay. The reason I mention all this is because games can come together quickly at the end and a poor vertical slice mid 2020 is not an indication of how they’ll ship the game. Now that it’s delayed, I expect the goals are high again. Just have to see how it plays out.

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Halo! I recognize that slow-ass floaty movement anywhere.

Thanks for this, appreciate it! That’s some information I wasn’t aware of and it’s good to know.

That does sound hopeful. They can take all the time they want if you ask me. Holiday next year? Go ahead, it’s fine.

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Yeah at this point who knows the target. So many rumors around the campaign. I’m with everyone who says release it when it’s great. They have some strong leaders there now.

Yea I see Joe staten and pierre hintze to bring it home

Which one are we assuming is the halo infinite footage? The game being played are the CGI MC throwing the grenade? Cause the footage with the kid holding a controller is clearly Halo 5 Guardians. The CGI one might be aiming to look like Halo infinite but it’s clearly CGI.

Nothing to see here folks.

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Exactly. What a dumb excuse for a YT video Sam.

This. The HUD is not for Halo Infinite. /thread

Do you think we can see Halo infinite release between april and augst 2021 ?

Or at least the campaign

It was definitely a video made for clicks, as the main topic absolutely had no substance.

The only interesting thing that Brad mentioned was he thinks the game might come out late 2021. Now is this what his contact within 343i said is most likely, or is he making an educated guess based on what he has heard about the state of the game at the moment.