Books |OT| Reading RULES

Hey, you know what makes you really cool? Cooler than cool? Reading books!

Why should I read books? Because books make you think, and thinking is awesome. They tell you amazing stories, bring you to fantastical worlds, and let you meet diverse and interesting characters. They also help you write better and help you increase your vocab.

Currently reading: Guards! Guards!

My 2020 books read:

Best book I read this year so far: Sirens of Titan.

Worst book I read this year so far: Red Son Superman or Neuromancer (really didn’t like either)

If you need tips on how to get into reading, just let me know, I love to get more people to read for fun!

EDITORS NOTE: I mostly read fiction but it’s ok to talk about nonfiction here too.

Questions: Do you read? If no how do you plan to change that in 2020. What are you reading? Favorite books?


Books are awesome. Audio books are also awesome.

Nice OT!

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I’ve been trying to get back into reading actual books, as in physical books. I’ve been on the Kindle train for the last 5-6 years and I started to miss having an actual book in my hands. I tend to read a mixture of Sc-Fi, Fantasy and Historical fiction. I also love reading non fiction books primarily about History.

I’m currently reading “America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilizations” by Graham Hancock. It’s basically alternative archeology. Most of his books are based on the premise that there are sophisticated civilizations that have been lost to history. Fascinating stuff, but a ton of conjecture.

Hi guys, I suggest you got to which i use to recommend me books which go free on kindle. I’ve built a pretty solid library with it.

I also suggest which is pretty cheap for physical books. bought my Halo books from there as well. They have international shipping so basically the only book retailer shipping to me in Fiji

Thanks for the post, mate. I’m trying to read and am currently simultaneously reading Halo Reach physically and Chromed: Upgrade on my kindle. Favorite book is one called A Secret Kept by French author Tatiana De Rosnay. The book didn’t review well but I read it at a time in my life where it felt fit to read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I used to love reading Hardy Boys, Animorphs and Goosebumps when I was younger though.

Right now I’m going through all Halo novels.

Yes, all of them…

Want to finish them before Infinite, so the delay may be a blessing in disguise. :crazy_face:

I’m working my way through the Star Wars novels (the new canon) but in between I try to read something a bit more weighty. I just finished Shuggie Bain which won the 2020 Booker Prize. It was a pretty grim read but quite brilliant at the same time.

I am currently reading Power of the Sword by Wilbur Smith. I love reading and read a lot of books in a year. If you like Sci Fi I heartily recommend Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan as it pisses all over the Netflix series. The two sequels are also great.

I am reading (or trying to, since I have little spare time to enjoy a quiet read) Synners by Pat Cadigan, Cyberpunk with particular theme of the Human mind being an explorable place. Its pretty good so far.

Before that I was listening to the Ancilliary Justice by Ann Leckie, Adjoa Andoh is a fantastic narrator. I’ve been trying to fill my bookshelf since we have space nowadays, but I so rarely have time to read, and the kindle is so easy to read in bed while my better half sleeps.

I love my Pratchett physical collection.


I feel like I’ve heard of Ancillary Justice, I’ll add it to my Goodreads list.

I just finished High Fidelity, funny quick read. Now I’m reading We Have Always Lived in the Castle, it’s creepy and cool so far.

I love Pratchett as well, still so many I need to read though.

And re: Physical vs Kindle, yeah, I mostly prefer physical but Kindle is very useful at night or on travel.

I had a signed copy of “Small Gods” but I lost it during one of many house moves. Much sadness. I still have my signed 1st edition of Coraline that my daughter and I read last week though. (She doesnt like how much i enjoy reading the “Other mother” :slight_smile: )

Many Pratchett books. His diagnoses and death hit me hard, such a talented writer.

An author I really enjoy and highly recommend if you’re looking for a little humor based in “reality”: Fredrik Backman. He has written a number of books, I can’t think of any I didn’t enjoy - including the novella. My favorites are “A Man Called Ove”, “Britt-Marie Was Here”, and “Anxious People”. If you’re looking for a more serious read, his series “Beartown” is excellent but was tough to read due to some of the content. But both books in that series challenged my thinking and were well worth reading in the end.

I also like Michael J. Sullivan, who writes the Riyria Series (there’s quite a few books in the universe and they’re fun reads), and Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child for their Pendergast series about an FBI agent (easy summer reads, if that makes sense).

Also highly recommend Trevanian’s novel “Shibumi”…wow what a book! The sequel, “Satori” is written by a different author but is still solid reading.