Bloomberg Japan: PS5 Production cut by 4 million Units. Cites yield issues *update* Sony responds

Remember the IGN poll about BC feature as the most anticipated feature?

Well they might cut it by having such so much yields issues. Is it stable enough? The quality seems to not be met yet. They have to make choices, clock speed reduction incoming, chip CUs count…

10,23 was always a marketing lie, soc not in a good shape. At least they can count on wifi 6



holy shit 50% defect rate in the wafers, my previous statement was an understatement.


I don’t think it’s coming out in November. Do you?

Eveywhere they say late 2020…could be december or could be delayed is the issue is really severe. I think late december if they can’t solve it quick. I hope for their sake or they will be eaten alive.

In the Call Of Duty Black Ops trailer for Playstation I remember it said it was coming 1st to US then later to other regions meaning it was not a globabl launch

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I think the initial yield issues are an indicator they are trying to legitimately hit the TF numbers they have been talking about. This should clear up over time, it will just cost them more than expected. So more time before a price drop or a quicker push to a revision (slim or not). If one wanted to be all conspiracy about it, Sony doesn’t have to lower the peak clock numbers since it is already variable. They could simply lower that power consumption target where the chip throttles.


I predicted December on Twitter. That would be disastrous give Black Friday to MS all to themselves.


I really hope they clear this mess. They will probably learn their lesson the hard way but don’t want to see them them. Competition is good for everyone so I wish them a good end nonetheless. We need Sony in good shape. MS too. We all benefit in the end.

Wow this is really bad for them. I knew that high gpu frequency was going to cause some issues. 50% yield rate? Holly hell. We know they will be in really limited supply. They may have to launch in only a few countries. Or delay the console a month or more. Or reduce clocks on the gpu to increase yields. This is pretty bad.


They really should reduce the clock to 1,7/1,8ghz. They can’t compete with MS on the hardware side, that is the price for trying to catch up XSX power.

It really should make us even more proud of what the Xbox hardware team achieved. State of the art engineering for only 499 and 299 for 1440p next gen gaming. What a steal. MS really outdid themselves. Let’s give them credits.




I see Sony releasing PS5 no matter what. If they need to do what Microsoft had to do with the RROD during the early years of Xbox 360, that’s what they will do. And this is before the likely possibility that Spider Man Miles Morales won’t be making launch.

All thanks to Mr Merk Carny’s ingenuity.


People starting to propagate FUD as they can’t accept Sony only having yield issues they say MS must have some too lol.

Even Jeff Grubb joining the FUD campaign. It is Sony’s fault for trying to one up MS that is all they must accept it and get over it.



Yo dawg heard you wanted some cooling here a great one enjoy the drinks!


50% yield rate is atrocious.

If they’re going to produce 11 million working chips then another 11 million are going in the garbage.



This won’t be a RROD or YLOD type of situation. Those things were primarily caused by the ban on led based solder that they didn’t account for. Now there may be a higher failure rate, but that is kinda common for “day one” consoles. A simple purchase of an extended warranty or use of a CC with warranty protection should be good enough. If you are an early adopter and game a lot of hours these work out great IMO

This news will keep certain people quiet for awhile though, well until it is time to retaliate :frowning_face:

So what is your bet guys on the final PS5 TF count. I would say min 8,4 or 9,2 max

Place your bets!


10.28 TF (sometimes). That has been well established, stop spreading FUD! /s

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I’ve said before that this console is supposedly two months out and as of yet no one outside Sony has seen it. That that hasn’t got game writers sniffing round is hilarious.

I hope Sony isnt using Wednesday to show moneyhatted games a year or two away as a cover for them potentially missing this year or having a launch without exclusives. I still feel Spiderman wont make launch. I’m guessing maybe Feb/March 2021 for that

Covid or not I’ve never seen a company so reluctant to show the product their going to ask people to put serious money down on. I hope next week we’ll hopefully get our first breakdown maybe DF has already done one but has had to hold off.


I see what you did there lol I did nothing sir just a prediction don’t shoot me please /s

The consequences

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Thought from Albert Panello over at RE:

"It’s so crazy I’m inclined not to believe it’s true. It’s a lot to unpack.

I think more precision questions may be in order - is it 50% of what they expected? 50% of the total wafer sheet? Those may be very different numbers. The reason chips have CU’s turned off is to try and increase the yields but honestly that number generally represents the expected loss. So if you have 2 disabled CU’s on a, say 38CU (getting you 36 good CU’s) - you’re expecting 5%-6% failure rates (this is an oversimplification but you get the point). Launch yield issues may represent 10%, maybe 20% on the high end.

50% failures basically doubles the cost of the chip per box - which is the single most expensive part of the BOM.

My tendency when I hear a number like this is to not believe it. However, they are clocking that CU pretty high and depending on what you believe about how/when in the process that may have happened, it could have proven to be a problem in manufacturing.

I guess we’ll find out more tomorrow!"

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