Bloomberg Japan: PS5 Production cut by 4 million Units. Cites yield issues *update* Sony responds

Via auto translate:

SonyIn the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021, the company revised production of its next-generation PlayStation (PS) 5 game console to be released by the end of this year to 4 million units, and it was revealed that it expects approximately 11 million units. The production yield of the dedicated design integrated circuit “System on Chip (SOC)” corresponding to the heart portion of the PS5 is affected by the inability to stabilize.

Update: Sony responds


Wow this is a total fuck up, overclocked gpu has to be the case of this.


11 million units is still a lot. If I’m not mistaken the PS4 sold 10 million in the first 10 months.

On the other hand, cutting the production by more than a quarter is troubling.

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Look out for hardware failure early :eyes::grimacing:


Meh, they are going to be $450/$400 according to them too.


if this reporting is correct, I will be right on my prediction that Sony will have push ahead with a 5nm die shrink much earlier in the console life cycle. If the yield is poor due to its high GPU frequency and its STA timing wasn’t that good, then there can be future problem.


It’s a “cheapest case” according to them. Not really a prediction, just saying that there’s now way it will be cheaper than $450/$400.

While it’s a lot of units still, having to cut due to yield issues isn’t great. Especially when anyone without their fingers in their ears could have called the higher clocked soc leading to yield issues.

Also yea it’s one analyst predicting “cheapest possible case” 399/449 , not inside information.


Why there isn’t so much concern on the net when it is Sony. It is ok when Sony does it. But MS no right.

Really show how MS was so confident by being ahead in the hardware dept schedule.

What can Sony do now? Lower the freq meaning tf go down + the df teardown expected to come. Not a good look compared to the competition I would say.

The console is gonna cost a lot more than 399 for those who were hoping it to land on that price.


Oof, 50% yield is a big hit, that tells me the quality of their SoC aren’t great, throttling the GPU obviously has adverse effects. Look out for hardware failures


11 million is still a lot to sell in less than a year and they shouldn’t have any trouble achieving that. $400 price sounds awfully optimistic to me though.

Yeah, my point is people afford no end of optimism for PS. I have no idea where it will all shake out, I am no bean counter. I’m just sick of this console gen release. The total lack of communication means it all feels like reading tea leaves instead of an enjoyable hobby.


Indeed, and why the media doesn’t cover it? Strange isn’t it?

I already said I would wait on a pro version due to potential hardware failures, guess I was right…


Not encouraging, that’s a pretty high failure rate. :thinking:

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Console’s never been seen. Production issues. This thing will be delayed or have a very, very limited launch in just 2 or 3 territories.


The media will carry Sony’s water 'til they can’t anymore.


Makes me think it’s better to wait to get this console because sounds like high failure rates. Hopefully everything is sorted out by the time GT7 is out

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I won’t take this as completely bad news because I figured there may be yield issues if Sony was being completely truthful about their clock speeds. Now as for costs, it may not impact Sony’s launch price but it seems like they may have to eat some more costs until the yields improve. MS really put the vice grips to them with their pricing though and it is more evident now.

This does explain Sony’s lack of news about the physical console and pricing I think.

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PS5 coming in HOT

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