Bloober Team's Making the Next Silent Hill Game?

Just saw this vid:

Very compelling evidence presented at the first 3:45 mins. Here’s a pastebin of the evidence: Silent Hill Rumor Timeline - Sounds very plausible to me…and considering the close relationship MS have with Bloober Team, I’d bet it’s an exclusive! What do you think? I’m super excited!


HOLY SHIT PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE Can you imagine the meltdown from PS fanboys on era.


I REALLY REALLY wish MS would buy Bloober ASAP

dont microsoft have a 3 game deal with bloober? Or did I get that rumour wrong

Maybe they 3rd is silent hill?

If Silent Hill ends up an Xbox exclusive after years of smoke, that’d low key be funny as fuck. Bloober’s a good fit. Either way, Xbox exclusive, PlayStation exclusive, multiplat, it would just be nice to see Konami use their IP again.

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It would be similar to DMCV. I remember one dude on RE that apparently was supposed to be legit and he said there was no word about Xbox. And then it actually was Xbox that had tj game debut at their show, lol.

Silent Hill coming to Xbox at all would be a nice surprise, especially after the ongoing rumors that SH was PS exclusive and done by a team of theirs.

Is there even a possibility that it actually is a PS exclusive by Bloober or doubtful? I keep reading that Bloober “has” to make three games for Xbox. But where is that from?


the rumour was that microsoft did a deal with bloober for their next 3 games. But I dont know where the rumour actually came from tbh

Hmmm., I see. Thanks!

this feels like a stretch


how petty is Konami?

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I never take platform rumors too serious. Many other forums also claimed Tekken 7 would be PS4 exclusive and then the game showed up at a Xbox E3 conference.


That’s true too.

Yesterday we had a “rumor” by a Twitter person nodoby heard of and he made the wildest claims, also that Sony bought the rights for Metal Gear and Silent Hill.

I guess it can go anywhere at this point. Bloober making it would be interesting though. For the first time they’ll have to make a combat system too.


If Silent Hill is the third Bloober Xbox game… I will laugh my ass off. Don’t care about the game, but I like salt.


It would be funny everyone thinking its just for PS but ends up on Xbox/PC

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Was it really a rumour? I thought this was known :sweat_smile: Blair Witch, The Medium one to go

did the silent hill games have any combat?


There are some very interesting things in that timeline ! In any case, seems like the next game from Bloober will be a big game and will still have the Silent Hill composer working on it.

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Gotta say, those are adding up to a rather compelling theory. I think they are right. Also interesting is that the info from the Polish stock exchange seems to suggest MS might now own the IP. I don’t think the ‘global publisher’ they are referring to there can be Konami since it cites them as being ‘on the world leaders in gaming’. If I were a stockholder and heard that language and it ended up being Konami, I’d be furious and felt rather misled.

That said, not seeing where this would tie into MS. Could very well be referring to Sony.


the only tie with ms that I think might be there is that microsoft supposedly has a 3 game deal with bloober, and that all these hints and evidence pieced together points to it being the game they are doing after the medium, which would be game number 3 in the microsoft deal. Now we dont actually know (as far as I know), if this 3 game deal thing is actually real, but it has been ‘common knowledge’ as something that has happened for a long while now. And secondly, assuming this 3 game deal thing is real we dont know if it was for 3 games from bloober at somepoint, with the possibility of another game being made between the 2nd and 3rd games, or if it was for the next 3 games.

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Even if it is a real thing (the 3 game deal), there is nothing suggesting those are 3 consecutive projects necessarily. I do wonder about the Sony/SH rumors though as not only did Konami directly say they were false but those rumors also had one of the key ppl on team silent leading the project and iirc that person recently bailed to form their own new studio. There has also been talk lately of MS buying access to IP’s, which might fit into this.

This is interesting too. Remember how MS was said to be shopping for a Polish studio and most thought it was either Techland or Bloober? Then the other day we had Techland rumors swirling…but now Techland explicitly says these rumors are false. Maybe leaves more room for Bloober acquisition talk?