Bloober Team's Making the Next Silent Hill Game?

I really dont get the hype for silent hill

They were never great games… 2 was fine but there were better similar games even at the time

I think this is one case where nostalgia blinds…

On topic this seens plausible actually but still… i really think silent hill is kind of overhyped

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Oh btw there was this crazy rumour from the beginning of last year, maybe it was true?

Microsoft Buys All Konami IPs Including Metal Gear, Silent Hill & More for Xbox Series X - Rumor (

my god the Bethesda salt was almost too much, if this is true mountains of the stuff will be coming out way.


I remember those rumors. There’s also ones that Sony bought the IP.

This so much. Really liked Layers of Fear, Blair Witch and now The Medium (have yet to play Observer).

Now imagine them having more resources.

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The last personal we should listen to if they are going to be sold is the community manager. I had worked for a company and the CEO himself said we are not for sale. Three months later we were sold.


I feel like Bloober team is an odd choice. So many great studios in Japan that could do it and even better western studios to be honest. I feel like this isn’t true at all but the video had some compelling points.


I think one of the big pros for bloober is that they pretty much release a game every year like clockwork. Teams that can reliably produce content would be very valuable to microsoft I would imagine.

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spicy theory!


The paste bin info is highly detailed with all the connections in place.

It even denies PS having deal with Konami, making it possible for the game to be coming on Xbox.

Nice rumor👍

Maybe it’s not nostalgia and it’s just that the first 3 games are so unique even today, had amazing atmosphere, 3 of the best soundtracks of all time (yeah I am not limiting this on videogames) and the stories/themes were much more than b-movie horror material…I dunno maybe it’s all the above and not nostalgia.

About the rumor I don’t buy it, especially about the Xbox exclusivity but who knows maybe we will be lucky and the game will be multiplatform (and hopefully great).

One thing that’s unclear about Yamaoka though:

“We met after the Tokyo Game Show. Akira-san came to meet [with us] and he was without any agent, so I was thinking, ‘Okay. This will be a great evening.’ And we showed our game to Akira-san,” Piejko told us. He continued, “Back then we were developing The Medium and Blair Witch. And we said to him that we were working on the two projects and we would really love to show The Medium to him. And of course, we asked if he wanted to create the music and score for our game.”

“He just put the headphones on and watched our gameplay there. And I was sitting there, waiting and nervous. I was like, ‘I hope he will like it, I hope he will like it!’” Piejko recalled. Following the suspense came a great sense of relief as he continued, “Then Akira-san put the headphones down and said something like, ‘You guys mentioned that you’re making two games. I want to make both of them.’ I was like, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’”

Was Blair Witch the second game that Yamaoka wanted to do the music in addition of The Medium (and he didn’t compose the music for whatever reason) ? Or is it another secret game ?

When reading this, it seems that Yamaoka also wanted to do the music of Blair Witch but who knows… Maybe Bloober already wanted to do a Silent Hill game when they met him at TGS 2018 (I guess that was 2018, since Blair Witch released in August 2019).


Id love it just to feed on the salt of those on the video.

It’s really Ainsley! Give us some Suzy Salt and Percy Pepper Ainsley!! :slight_smile:

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For some weird reason this happens constantly with Japanese games and Xbox

Kagari @ Neogaf claimed Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV would be PS4 exclusive (I also recall she lied that Rise of the Tomb Raider was only a 3 month Xbox exclusive when it was a year)…and these are Verified Square Enix insider’s. Lol.

Tekken 7 like you mentioned.

Son of Sparda at Resetera claimed DMC5 was PC/PS4 exclusive and would run on UE4 (I had a bloody good laugh when that debuted at Xbox E3).

Reddit claimed Soul Calibur VI would be Switch and PS4 exclusive.

And the liar SneakersSO of Neogaf claimed Marvel Vs Capcom 4 (MvC Infinite) would be PS4 only.

I genuinely believe there are disgruntled PlayStation fans who like to pretend they have inside info because they hate Xbox.

So Final Fantasy VII Remake is still likely coming to Xbox.