Blizzard is making a new game in a new universe

Did they say anything about platforms?

just console and PC


Blizzard is already announcing Xbox exclusives lmao.

That’s no big deal, they will own the publisher, it’s not a case like TOW with T2 and Wasteland 3 with Deep Silver or kicksterter like Psychonauts 2.

Or Psychonauts 2 which had backers from other platforms.

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Nice! I’ll go with Xbox exclusive then until anyhting else is said.


Moreover we all remember Deathloop and Ghostwire appearing on Xbox Wire in 2019…


This is honestly really good to hear. She was someone that had to deal with a lot of harassment at Blizzard, from someone touching her to an unknown person stealing milk meant for her baby.

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That game has consoles announced as in plural …

the xbox series x and s

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I’m convinced the change in atmosphere is slowly changing for the best. Just have to bare with the actual EVIL guy for little longer…

Once the deal goes through I hope he makes a quick exit. He’ll have enough money that he can just disappear and never be heard from again.

Honestly, next year showcase, they can legit fill up with nothing but exclusive.

This game sounds like it will be great



Everyone is raving about it behind the scenes

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That’s what I meant.

Like for a toxic and awful culture as Blizzard, having the most angry and disgruntled teams rave about the team/game as “Oh but this team/game was awesome” is… not what I expected.



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Preemptive Genre/perspective whining is a mainstay on this board lol.