Black Myth: Wu Kong - 13 Minutes Official Gameplay Trailer

Just finished watching that 13 minute trailer and im actually impressed for the first time regarding next gen gaming. A small 30 person team that could increase to around 50 or so. Zhuge EX says that they will ultimately look for funding and a publisher.

Would love to see Phil Spencer be aggressive and get this game as a Series X/Series S and PC exclusive but I know that’s not going to happen.

Game looks great and looks like it plays great too. Good destruction as well. Very impressed.

I expect Phil will be talking to the devs to make sure this takes advantage of SX’s hardware and comes day one to Xbox, he should do everything in his power to stop Sony from moneyhatting this.

The Asian gate for Xbox could be China or South Korea not Japan.

MSFT should definetily keep their eyes o studios like this. It os stil a small Studio but seems to be very talented and might not be very expensive. Playstation in Japan is very consolidated, MSFT can try to atack in diferentes fronts, like one Studio in Japan, another in China, other in South Korea, maybe on Índia (?)

Well both this game and Enslaved are based on/inspired by, "Journey to the West ".

I don’t say this often: HYPED!

My future dose of a Souls game!

Keep asking guys maybe they will consider this studio. Asia is a great opportunity for Xbox. Just keep a sharp eye on it. And this studio fits well.

As you see in the gameplay footage, it seems during the game, you face various combat masters. If you defeat them you can morph into them and use their skills.

Sounds awesome!

Just read up on their website. Looks like they’re expecting to add more titles under the “Black Myth” umbrella so that sounds promising also seems like release will depend on developmental costs, etc. Small studio that should definitely be considered for XGS. Games like this would be a great addition to the portfolio.


Exactly, they need funds and support.

That’s why MS can bring their financial and technical help to make them achieve their full vision till the end.

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This would be a phenomenal Series X exclusive. After polish the visuals will be next level. I definitely agree with Microsoft’s support the possibilities are endless

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Yes just look for now at this stage how the game seems incredibly polished and carefully crafted. It screams quality.

It definitely does it seems smaller studios are starting to really push out impressive content and they’re exactly the kind of studios Microsoft have been buying. Small and cheap but very talented and build them into a powerhouse. Interested to follow this studio’s development

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This is UE4?!? :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: And Pre-Alpha build?! Wonder if they’ll upgrade to UE5 as production continues… That is one talented team! :fire: :fire: :fire: Cannot wait to see the final game.

This looks REALLY impressive. Hope it eventually releases.

Interesting…getting some real Sekiro vibes although there seems to be a bit more jank. I imagine the game is in early stages but it has my attention.

This is the first time that I’m actually impressed with a next gen game. All it took was these 13 minutes and now I’m already looking forward to this game. Imagine if MS had a gameplay like this during their showcase (next to Halo) and not necessarily the full 13 minutes.

This is why showing off gameplay is so important. A cinematic trailer would never leave you this impressed. I have faith that this will come to Xbox, after all the game is planned for consoles and PC. No way this will be in Switch, PS5 is a no brainer and the other one has to be Xbox Series X, can’t be anything else.

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Agree with you 100%.


Lookimg at those environment paintings has me already wishing this game releases an Art book

Wish Microsoft would write the check for this studio if it hasn’t already been acquired by someone else.

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Watched the trailer again and with the exception of not understanding Chinese (or at least I think it’s Chinese), everything I saw has me hyped for what could be done for next gen. This is literally the first game that has wowed me in regards to next gen.

Microsoft/Spencer should definitely contact them. And the highlight reel at the end. Holy shit!!!