Biomutant (Open World Action RPG)


Just noticed this game does not have it’s own thread…it should

I know most of us are quite familiar with it, but for any not aware, it’s looking like a little Breath of the Wild, bit of Max Payne, some Destiny, hint of Devil May Cry, a smidge of Ratchet and Clank, a speck of Monster Hunter, a touch of Femyx Rising, with a dash of…something else

Main details. It’s a multiplat open world action RPG title from Expiriment 101, published by THQ Nordic. Coming in just a few weeks. May 25th

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I’ve been looking forward to this game since… when was it revealed again? 2017? But hey, we’re finally here, and it’s looking good. Most likely a day one purchase for me, it can be an early birthday gift for myself seeing that my birthday is only 3 days after the release.

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Thank god it didn’t get moneyhatted to be any sort of exclusive. Everyone should get to play this game

I’m mega hyped for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, but this may pull me away from it for a good stetch of time. Hell, if I was a PS5 guy I’d probably be lamenting Ratchet and Clank’s timing, because I’d absolutely be playing this over it

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BioMutant looks great and im tempted to play it but im disappointed that there’s no current generation version or upgrade and im completely turned off by the fact that there’s no voice acting. It’s just a narrator which puzzles me because if the BioMutants can walk, jump, run, fight, fly and traverse, why can’t they talk? Really wish they would have eliminated the narrator and added voice acting. At least for the main story and characters ala Yakuza.

Also, it releases two weeks before Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and I know that I wouldn’t finish BioMutant in time plus I simply see Rift Apart as the better game for me. Now, if BioMutant goes on Game Pass at some point this year and I have nothing new to play, I will give it a chance but otherwise, it’s a hard pass.

With all of that said, in general, it looks great and the combat/gameplay seems really good so those who play it day one, I hope you enjoy it!!!

I honestly think this could hit Game Pass day 1.


If it does, I would expect it to get announced this week then.


When did they announced the late month additions for last month? I feel like it was around this time last month.

Honestly, I have no idea. I would think that since it’s day one, it would get it’s own spotlight like Outriders and MLB The Show 21 did. I would never bunch in a major day one release with years old games. Just no way. I would want it to stand out.

Yep, been monitoring this one for awhile. Definitely will be trying it out

This looks SO good. I had my fingers crossed that it’d be a Game Pass title. I was pretty sure I’d be purchasing Mass Effect but now this is competing for my money this month.

Wish this was Series X enhanced, I’d give it a go if it were. Right now I’ve got to many games to play to put any time into a non Series X enhanced game

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Waiting for reviews. Been very interested to see how this game turns out.:slight_smile:

One of the games I’m most looking forward to playing! I’ve been waiting for this for ages it seems lol. It looks really good, but I can’t help but feel there’s going to be something hindering it that might keep ppl from playing/liking it. I’m hoping I’m wrong tho :). The game just seems like it’s gonna get 6’s and 7’s, but I can’t say why lol. Doesn’t matter for me, as long as I like it. Cannot freaking wait! :smiley:

I am extremely excited for this one, hope we get a review copy.

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can’t believe we’re in a situation where we’re getting ME Legendary Edition this week and soon in 10 days after that, Biomutant. Very difficult for me to decide which one to wait for lolol cuz I haven’t played ME series until now and wanted to get into it now, but also Biomutant looks phenomenal and so ambitious that I can’t not check it out the day it arrives. Man…

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Biomutant visual were always good, but gameplay was a bit meh when they announced the game. Now, it’s on my radar, looks lika a lot of things are greatly improved.

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Yeah I was looking forward to this since it was first shown, and the videos in the OP do little to sate that excitement.

The only things stopping me stupidly grabbing it day 1 is Mass Effect which I have preordered and THQ Nordic who are a bunch of 8Chan slackwits.

It looks so good though.

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This game looks really good, but before shelling out 60€ (73$) I’ll wait for reviews and playthroughs as usual (preoders officially lost me since 2019). Also the lack of Series Optimisation is a bummer, I hope there’ll be a 60fps option, but I doubt it, UE4 open world games struggle to maintain a solid 30fps on 8th gen consoles, 60fps are almost a chimera.

I love the emphasis on traversal in the recent trailers. Could be a sleeper hit.