Bethesda Partners With AMD Exclusively For Starfield

AMD try to add Tensor cores to their RDNA 3, but didn’t go through with it. Tensor cores is not exclusive, AMD can add that to their future GPU cards. If that happen will Nvidia play nice and offer DLSS on AMD cards? i doubt it.

Nvidia is more anti consumer than AMD.

I’m referring to the Tensor cores that Nvidia developed and introduced in their Volta architecture. There are other Tensor units out there, Google has their own version too IIRC. However what Nvidia developed isn’t going to end up in an AMD GPU, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to argue or why you’re even trying to argue in the first place.

IMO both companies can be anti-consumer. This isn’t a competition. I’m just saying I hope AMD didn’t lock out other features like they have in the past. I’m planning to play this on PC, are you?

“This isn’t a competition”

But it is though. AMD and Nvidia are like Xbox and PlayStation of the GPU world.

AMD is Xbox and Nvidia is PlayStation.

As you can already tell, i’m team AMD lol.

Nvidia has a enormous GPU market lead. For AMD to compete they need to do this. They can’t get DLSS cause it exclusive to Nvidia hardware/tech. They will only fall more behind if they do nothing. Unless future FSR become hardware lock like DLSS is. But they will be call anti consumer if they do that too. It seem AMD can’t win whatever they do.

Ultimately we need a third party solution. Either providing the entire capability in a cross platform manner, or providing an API that abstracts out different up scaling implementations.

AMD should come with their own good solution though first, they can’t just try and ride the coat tails of their competitor. Why would they allow that? I don’t think AMD would be called anti competitive if they had their own version that was tied to their hardware. People are only upset with them now because they are signing deals that prevent competitors features from being used.

It’s not a competition for us to fight though. Treating the GPU market like another console war isn’t constructive IMO. I want AMD to be more competitive and do better but there’s no doubt that before RDNA came along, Nvidia historically had a better product, so AMD falling behind isn’t surprising. I hope AMD does better and RDNA truly catches up so it’s a product that I want to consider in the future.

In regards to Starfield, I’m potentially negatively impacted by this deal. So I’m not going to blindly defend AMD on everything they do because I want team red to do better. I’m going to speak for or against what impacts me as a consumer.

It’s not console wars, but the GPU wars between AMD and Nvidia is very real. I have an AMD card now so i am good. I feel for the Nvidia gamers, but there will be Mods for DLSS if no official support.

You don’t even need DLSS if you have a newer card. Just brute forced it. Should not have that much of impact on performace if running a 30 series or never card IMO.

Ah ok, got it.

I was just wondering about it, since back in 2020 it was made to be a big deal for Xbox Series X that it was gonna have RDNA2 and not Sony. End of the day it’s just something that really is important for devs and we won’t hear much about then.

I don’t think you are understanding my point but I’m happy to agree to disagree.

TBF both consoles are based on the RDNA2 core, so the PS5 still has an RDNA2 GPU. Xbox marketing was just pushing that the Series consoles have the full RDNA2 suite of features, which is true. However those features have to be implemented into game engines but this will take time. Not only that, but there are instances where support for these new features doesn’t make sense, so they will get ignored. 4A games already expressed that they won’t be using mesh shaders, or the geometry engine in the PS5, to the fullest extent because their geometry pipeline is already highly optimized using geometry shaders. They didn’t rule out experiementing with them in the future though, it all comes down to what makes sense for the project devs are working on. Other features like SFS are currently exclusive to Seres consoles, so in some ways it’s unlikely we’ll see that feature widely used since it’s only supported on two platforms. IMO the onus is on MS’s studios to showcase the benefits of these unique features and maybe that could help build adoption.

With how complex game development is now, adopting new tech can be disruptive. So I think adoption will be slow and we may not see some features properly utilized until the tail end of the generation, if at all. When games now take 5 years to make, you have to be smart on where your engineering resources are going. Considering all the memory issues that seem to be surfacing with the Series S consoles, I hope SFS catches on at some point as that would be really beneficial for the console.


I think you are trying to say that AMD should not compete? They should just lay down and die?

AMD making deals and partnership, is no different than Sony or Xbox making deals.

It’s all competition.

They should compete by making a better product. Deals to block features from being used are not going to be welcome.

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Doesn’t Nvidia do the same with games that they partner with? Or are the games they partner with have all AMD tech on launch?

Some of their cards are better, it’s just that Nvidia also locked stuff to only their cards. DLSS is exclusive to Nvidia Hardware. FSR is on Nvidia cards. I know it hardware dependent with DLSS, but still shady of Nvidia to do as a market leader…

And AMD has had 2-3 generations to catch up. Let’s not punish Nvidia for innovation, even if it’s not cross platform.

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I honestly don’t think there is any meaningful AMD ‘tech’. FSR is an up scaling algorithm not all that different from what a number of companies were already doing independently.

So no I guess, also imo most of the up scaling te h That was being used before was pretty awful. It’s only gotten better recently.

They did catch up and even surpass. It’s just that Nvidia used their market share to bully AMD, like how PlayStation is using their market share to bully Xbox. It’s why AMD is doing the exclusive partnership. They tired of getting bully by Nvidia, same as how Xbox is tired of PlayStation. I don’t blame AMD.

How are they using their marketshare to bully AMD? NVIDIA made some smart tech bets and AMD has been playing catch up. That’s not an NVIDIA problem.

I disagree. Nvidia price gouge it’s customer. Their history of shady business practice towards it’s consumer and rivals knows no bounds. They are the Sony Playstation of the GPU world.

I’m glad Xbox chose AMD CPU and GPU for Xbox series consoles. I hope in 2028 Xbox also choose AMD again for their console and not Nvidia.

Typically if Nvidia partners on a game, we usually still see other scaling techniques supported. Unfortunately when AMD partners with a game, we don’t usually see other scaling techniques supported. If it’s missing at launch, I hope we don’t need to wait too long to see it added.

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Probably nothing official for a bit. But Gamer Nexus said they contacted AMD about it, and they said they didn’t have anything to share at the time.

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