Bethesda Partners With AMD Exclusively For Starfield

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Today AMD released a video on their exclusive partnership with Bethesda Softworks, which talks about how the engineers at AMD are helping to make Starfield possible. Including performance targets for AMD’s current line of 7000 processors and graphic cards, the component company is also working on Creation Engine 2’s code base (Starfield’s engine) to implement FSR2 image processing and other enhancements which will not only benefit PC players but Xbox players as well.

This will come at a cost however—it’s like due to this partnership that Starfield won’t have Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling feature, which would have been a boon for players with Nvidia GPUs even if FS2 is compatible on those components.

Have a gander at the partnership video below and click here to go to AMD’s Starfield page.


As someone who is planning to play this on PC, this sucks. I get wanting to partner and help optimiytheor game for AMD GPUs, but it’ll suck not having DLSS as an option since it’s still better than FSR.

Im sure there will be PC Mods to use DLSS instead of FSR2. From what I recall, the inputs are fairly the same between them. There were a few DLSS to FSR2 PC mods, i just cant remember the details such as which game(s).

Yeah, any meaningful “fixes” to Starfield will probably come from the community and not Bethesda. I would even wager the community will come up with a better solution for FSR2 as well. :smile:

True but I’m still not a fan of injecting a DLL file into my games file. Not even sure if that’s possible with GP games on PC. Typically a partnership with Nvidia doesn’t prevent the game from supporting XESS or FSR, hopefully the same is true with this deal and we see native DLSS support at launch. It’ll be especially important with DLSS3 support and for those with CPU limitations on PC.

Make sense, they are a Xbox 1st party studio now. AMD make both the CPU and GPU for Series consoles.

Modders will add DLSS for Starfield on PC, if no official support.

It makes sense to make sure FSR is supported for the reasons you gave, but if they want to provide top tier PC support, it makes no sense to exclude widely popular and used features like XESS and especially DLSS. And again, no DLSS support means no DLSS 3, which could be very beneficial if the game proves to be CPU limited on many PCs. When these companies are asking for our money, we should be asking for at least the bare standard, not less.

In a perfect world we would get all the options available, we are not living in that world though. Deals and partnership happens. AMD and Nvidia are competitors. DLSS is only on Nvidia cards and AMD is trying to gain market share. I get it people with Nvidia GPU hate that DLSS might not be supported, but look at things from another point. DLSS is not available on AMD GPU. Nvidia is locking that tech to their cards.

The key difference here is when Nvidia partners with a studio over a game, they typically don’t lock out other features like FSR and XESS. AMD however has locked out other features for exclusive AMD features. Yeah we don’t live in a perfect world, but I’m not going to make excuses or not speak out when something happens that potentially hinders my experience.

They don’t locked out cause they have like an 70-80 plus percent GPU market advantage. They trying to act like the good guys while screwing over their customer in other ways. Example… like horrible overpriced GPU that not even better performance wise.

Between Nvidia or AMD. Nvidia is the greater evil. Now if Nvidia release DLSS on all GPU’s instead of only their own, we would not have this problem.

None of these companies are the good guys. Nvidia can’t release DLSS on all platforms, it requires hardware that’s only in Nvidia GPUs. AMD would never let proprietary technology, owned by a competitor, into their GPUs.

I don’t doubt that nvidia screws people over in other ways like price, and I’ve spoken against their pricing in the past. Now I’m speaking out against AMD because if they lock out other features, that’s BS.

AMD is making a partnership, it not really locking out as FSR is on everything. DLSS is the one that is locked out. DLSS can run on AMD cards, don’t give me that crap that it can’t. If Nvidia open that tech up, i’m sure AMD will make adjustment to their cards to support it.

DLSS runs on Tensor cores. It’s not crap, it’s just the way the tech works. It’s also a reason why it’s better than the other options.

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You know what. I’m going to voice my own disappointment! I’m disappointed that Starfield isn’t going to support VRS 2.0, especially as this is a technology that Microsoft is working on to improve and adding new features.

I guess I’m going to have to wait for ID and The Coalition before the tech is put to good use again, although Cyberpunk has it on PC but CDPR never bother bringing it to consoles, which is just a waste.

Anyways, going to love my time with this game, won’t ever actually get all the achievements like in most game I play.

Did it say somewhere that it doesn’t?

It hasn’t been mentioned yet and there’s still time I guess, but I doubt it will support it, even post launch.

As that seems to be the trend for most devs, even Microsoft Gaming devs.

As someone who really isn’t all that tech savvy…

Starfield isn’t making use of RDNA2? Have any games yet made use of it yet?

I think that’s mostly effecientcy gains from previous RDNA, with each new RDNA gaining being better because of it.

Nobody really knows what underlying technologies they are using.

That all depends on what you consider making use of RDNA2. A number of games use RT and VRS, so those are two examples. I’m not aware of any games using mesh shaders but that’s something that needs to be fitted into an existing geometry pipeline. Most gamers don’t get excited about VRS or anything like that, so unless specifically asked, I doubt most devs will share that info.

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