Battletoads Pre-Load Up 10.8 GB (Xbox)

It’s on the Game Pass tab now. You can also do a remote install from the website.


My son can’t wait for this.


Thanks for the heads-up!

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Pre-Installing now! Solid catch.

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I think I read that this doesn’t have online co-op, is that correct?

I think I’d love to play this with a friend but really online co-op would be the only way to do this so without it, I’m not sure if I’ll actually end up playing it.

I have had the same thoughts about Cuphead, I really want to play that with a friende but lack of online co-op means I probably won’t get round to it.

Hopefully this has difficulty settings because the older games are way too difficult. I’m excited for this though. It looks awesome.

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Turns out, still not available NA, maybe in the morning!

Nice, I have 16 days to find IRL people to play co op with :frowning_face:

Wasn’t overly interested in this after the first reveal, but after having played Streets of Rage 4 and seeing the release date trailer I could go for some Battletoads. I’m liking the Saturday morning cartoon vibes.

Feel like I’m the only person that loves the art style, haha. Looking forward to playing the with both of my kids.

Game Pass is phenomenal!


I’m so damn in! Thanks OP!

Bigger than expected

Yeah, thought so too. Expected it to be around the same size of the Grounded preview. This is more than twice the size.

Hopefully it’s filled with cartoons and awesome music.

Yeah, it does look like Dlala has expanded the scope of the project too which is cool.

At first I wasnt sold on the artstyle, but as the second trailer showed that there would be 2d platform levels I was excited because it reminded me of Rayman Legends, the best coop platformer game I’ve ever played. This plus a solid beat em up would make for a very nice and engaging game.

I’m super excited for this game and knowing that some of the writing talent from rick and Morty are on this I can’t wait

This. Rayman Legends is beautiful and this game surely took some inspiration from it. Now i really want a new Rayman.

I want to play online co-op with my friends :joy:

I could see it being added in an update.

Different game but IIRC Cuphead also promised to update online co-op when launched.