Battletoads Pre-Load Up 10.8 GB (Xbox)

Installing now. Just noticed that I most likely won’t be able to play at launch because I’ll have a new born on that very day. I’ll check it out later though. :slight_smile:

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This game looks really cool, can’t wait to play it in a couple weeks!

Game looks cool, really like the color palette. However, gotta say…no online co-op sorta kills it for me. Will still play it when it drops tho.

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pretty much how I feel as well.

It was a bit smaller for me (8.2GB)

Stoked even though its gonna kick my ass.

Downloading now, hope it’s good, but keeping expectations low.

I’m at the opposite, already liked what i played last year, and they seemingly improved it.

The vibe that I got was of a 2d DMC, with the platforming, vehicles and running against the screen seems that variety will be good as well.

That looks smooth.

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This soundtrack is rad.

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When’s it out?

Looking forward this one…

It’s unbelievable good. Damn.

There are 5 songs in that Spotify playlist. Including the ‘official soundtrack’ when the full OT comes out,… no idea.

Or do you mean the game? :stuck_out_tongue: August 20th

Or was this a GameStop joke :chief_think:

damn this shit SLAPP :hot_face: