Battletoads - Official Release Date Trailer (August 20th, Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam, Game Pass)

Well, there it is.


That looks a lot more polished, fun and varied than what we’ve seen so far. Looking forward to playing it, it’s pretty soon too!

Is the gameplay faster now, or am I hallucinating?

That looked a lot better than expected! Have to say I really liked the animated cut scenes.

Big improvement. I liked the style before and still do now, but now speed is on par with the arcade.

Also, holy August!


Flight Sim

Tell Me Why Episode 1

Wasteland 3

Good thing I have a few weeks off.

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Yeah, thought so. The gameplay seems faster indeed.

All this. I totally agree. I can’t wait to play. :slight_smile:

Yeah, no online co-op is a huge bummer. Pretty much will keep me from playing this game for any length of time beyond the first try most likely. Still looked better than expected tho. :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize this didn’t support online co-op. :anguished:

This looks great. I love the Rayman art style. And apparently the cinematics are fully animated?

I like how it has multiple genres blended into one.

I’m still not a fan of how this looks

I am the exact opposite. I love the style and I don’t think I’ve seen someone go full on 90s style. I respect your opinion.

It has grown on me to be honest. I still dislike the busy sections (I’ll call them the Streets of Rage sections… :wink: ) but the cartoon and the other gameplay sections look great to me.

It won’t win any awards though… haha

I think it could be in the running if there’s a category for unqie artstyle (isn’t there??) in the TGA. Didn’t Cuphead win one?

For art direction? Sure. Although I think Moon has that one in the bag for Ori and the Will of the Whisps (and deservedly so).

Yeah, in a year with Ori 2 this really doesn’t stand a chance. Hell, for the nostalgia value chances are Streets of Rage 4 is gonna get more votes in case.

Yea. That’s why I said it will be in the running… Not gonna win. Haha. Ori is the best looking game of all time so… Yeaaaa.

I don’t think it will be in the running for any awards. Do appreciate how they’ve translated that saturday morning cartoon feel to this game.

Copying the turtles once more… :wink:

Oh that’s cool @SuikerBrood . I guess that’s why the acting was really well done.