Battle Toads Review Thread

Can’t wait to fire it up. Game didn’t look great last year so I’m super happy that they has the time to put together a solid game.


The game is great. I tried it and it’s super fun and reactive. Graphics are really great, nice looking game with a funny cartoonish style. Lol at the dialogs sometimes.

Gameplay is really good with stylish funny combos. You can swap characters if you play solo. I’m just at the beginning, but so far so good!


Hopefully this means Microsoft promote Dlala Studios and make them an official part of Xbox Game Studios. Having them create fun and smaller titles for Game Pass can only be a good thing right?

Maybe they could create an Xbox kart racer including characters like the Battletoads, Banjo-Kazooie, Blinx, Conker, Ori and Voodoo Vince!


I’ve been playing this on coop and it’s a blast to play. Production values are so high that I can’t believe a small studio like Dlala did it. I want the soundtrack for my cardio sessions. I hope the studio gets to work on this same sort of thing in the future, whether they become a part of Xbox Game Studios or not.


About what I expected, really have to try it for yourself I think. I’ve enjoyed my playthrough so far more than what I did for SoR4 anyway.

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I think they have like…less than 10 employees. Not worth it, same with Studio MDHR

Xbox doomed Battletoads shows what happens to xbox studios and rare ASHAMED. /s

Some hottakes on social media huuui :smiley: I need to give the game a try I thought Recore We Happy Few and Crackdown 3 were better games as many made it out to be.

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They can do some small games here and there.


They could literally have Rare or any of their studios put 10 people aside and do it. Studio is waaaay too small to be worth an acquisition.

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$19.99 for this ? nah man overpriced game and i don’t care if it was on game pass

No Multiplayer and short campaign is not worth $19.99

Done 7 chapters, genuinely a lot better than expected and loads of fun!

Looking forward to playing more later, might actually drop the £16 for it to support Dlala Studio, if I continue to enjoy the game by the time I beat it :slight_smile: & then try a battletoads difficulty run-through :slight_smile:


Is this game accessible to a 4 year old? Would i be able to carry them through the game?

From what I have played of act one I think so, just put on tadpole difficulty :slight_smile: Can’t say for past that point though.

I’ll play more today, at a harder difficulty, but my initial impressions were not very good.

I was definitely not expecting that because I played the 2 first stages at bgs last year and liked it.

I actually liked the visuals game is very well animated, but the combat just feels off. Second stage on the bike was soooo boring and way longer than it should have been. I guess not playing in co-op like I did last year makes the issues pop up more.

Better reviews than I expected. Currently a 71 Metacritic on Xbox, 73 Metacritic on PC and a 73 Opencritic rating.

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Yep. While I was very impressed with the polish and can’t disagree with Streets of Rage 4 reviewing well, my actual gameplay fun last night was more with Battletoads. I like the art style, and once I started getting the hang of trying to do more combos and combining between characters too the combat was far more entertaining to me. I tink it is a cool game that I definitely need to play some co-op with my son now too.

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Hmm honestly it seems exclusive games are get rated a lot harsher and in general, not only xbox.

Also this game is only 20€

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Battletoads is AMAZING

Seriously - I am shocked at how much fun this actually is

Have much more fun with this than I had with SoR4 even!


Completed battletoads now and absolutely loved my 3 hours with the game :)!

I honestly hope it does well for Microsoft/Dlala, as I could honestly see a battletoads 2 or even a cartoon show (hell, I’d watch it) :slight_smile:

It genuinely was just a lot of fun imho

Solid 7.5/10 from me (please note, 5 is an average to me, I use the 1-10 chart properly) :wink:

Fun combat
Great visuals/sound
Great potential franchise (more games/cartoon please)
The STG sections are excellent.
Game is funny, great to play with your kids or other half.

The platformer levels were a low point imo.
End chapter feels quite rushed/underwhelming last boss.
No online (hopefully if it does well, they add it later on)