Battle Toads Review Thread

(4/5) TrueAchievements

Battletoads review: creative cartoon clobbering courtesy of some crusty croakers

Rare’s amphibious avengers return for the first time in over 25 years, with a varied, challenging, and entertaining adventure that thrusts the toads back into the spotlight in style.

Ars Technica

Battletoads game review: Good moments don’t save the toad-al package

What was once 256KB is now 10GB—so why does this series’ return feel smaller?

(7.5/10) Xboxera

Battletoads (2020) Review

"Made for Xbox One, PC and Game Pass, Battletoads attempts to re-imagine Rare’s 1991 effort which was mish-mash of unrelated genres and gametypes with the be…

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Battletoads REVIEW (Xbox One & PC)

The Battletoads are back for their first new game since 1994 but do they still have what it takes or are the Toads a little rusty? Find out in our review tha…

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Battletoads Review – A Vibrant & Vivacious Rebirth

Battletoads Review – A Vibrant & Vivacious Rebirth

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Apoie o projeto e permita que ele continue: | Pesadelo de 11 entre 10 donos de NES na década de 90, …

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If you’re a gamer of a certain age (mid to late 30s) you’ll likely have memories of Battletoads. If you’re like me, they’re mostly fond, with some

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Análise - Battletoads

Battletoads é uma das melhores surpresas do verão no Xbox Game Pass.

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Battletoads is the reboot you never knew you wanted. It’s fun to play and makes you laugh, two perfect ingredients for making a game well worth playing.

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Dlala delivers a rollercoaster ride of chaos, adventure and challenge that lives up to the Battletoads name…

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This unfortunate reboot unearths the Battletoads name only to drag it through the mud.

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Review: Battletoads

Raise your hand if you still hold water for Battletoads outside of that GameStop meme. I see…a few people in the horizon!Wait, am I one of the only ones who played all seven games in the series, including the Tiger Electronics handh…

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Battletoads Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?”

Karak reviews battletoads. #battletoads #acg :fire: PATREON​:fire: :video_game: :video_game: YOUTUBE MEMBERSHIP :video_game:

(8/10) IGN

Battletoads Review - IGN

This reboot of the legendarily unfair beat 'em up is toadally radical.

(8/10) Wccftech

Battletoads Review – Graceful Genre Hopper

Does the new Battletoads replicate the fun of the NES original, or is it a blemish on Rash, Zitz, and Pimple’s legacy?


Battletoads review – reboot of the century or epic level troll?

Rare’s NES classic returns on Xbox One and PC, as Microsoft reinterprets the aging beat ‘em-up formula for the modern age.

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After nearly twenty years on the shelf, Rare Studios have revitalized the Battletoads series, and it’s a colourful and hilarious romp.

(8/10) Down to Play Podcast

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Reviewing pretty decent across the board.

Definitely good enough for me to jump in and try it.

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I think we will see it break the 70 MC wall in a few hours.

Looks great for a small scope game, im going to let my kids muck around once i check the content for swears lol

I think it’s shit for a game to drop points for not having an online co-op mode. A small team made this game and put everything into it and it gets scored down for that.

To me it’s an example of the different standards expected of MS games compared to the competition.


this is true but also online connectedness is front of mind now more than ever


There are no different standards. Lacking online co-op, especially during THESE times, is a pretty big omission.


I gave it a 7.5. It’s fun if you let it be. It’s not going to offer the greatest nostalgia. It slogs at the platforming stuff. It’s a fun beat em up and I like the variety. Really great animations. No online co-op is a huge miss. It’s a small team and I don’t know how 2nd party things work but you would’ve thought Rare, behind SoT, could’ve lent some help.

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We just had a game from Sony that had online and dropped it for sequel. Universal high scores

Then another game that didn’t have online, no one cared, getting added mode in a few months and universal praise

To me that’s different standards.


It’s fair points however I would say expectations differ based on genre. When I think beat-em-ups, I think of co-op. I think many retro or old arcade fans would agree. In times of social distancing with online being the norm and with Microsoft publishing, it’s a fair critique…IMO.


Online was never a focus for TLOU and the game we got was still well crafted and worth the price in many respects. Same for GoT, it’s a narrative driven open world game.

Totally different examples than a 2D beat-em-up that made co-op a focus. Personally I was a lot more excited for the game until I found out it lacked online co-op.

Your review is actually very good. It’s more that every review isn’t similar I have the issue with.

You can put co-op in everything now though. Tack on an online mode. If you’re MS and your competition can just completely ignore that, it must be annoying.

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Games like Dead Space 3 prove you can’t just tack co-op onto anything though.

I thought the problem people had with Dead Space 3 was that they designed the game around co-op as well, instead of just tacking it on.

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Thank you!

The original plan did not have co-op. EA pushing the mode on the team, along with the budget being cut from previous games, contributed to what many argue is a lesser game.

Seems close to what I thought it would score, albeit a bit low. Still, it looks great to me :+1:

I agree. Couch coop should be a much bigger focus for games like this. They’ll surely add online later. Playing with some randos seems like it could lead to a bad experience tho


I don’t think anyone is necessarily asking for matchmaking (I don’t think Streets of Rage 4 has it), but not being able to play with your friends is a pretty awful omission. There’s also no indication it’s coming later.

I don’t get the TLOU 2 comparison, that game has no multiplayer. This HAS multiplayer, just not online. That sucks. I know Dalala is small, but Rare & Xbox aren’t.

Holy shit, this game is awesome!

“Hey, wake up! I think we’re being robbed!”
“So? We don’t have anything worth stealing anyway.”
“Oh, you’re right. sigh I’ll go apologize.”


So excited to play this! Going to watch Sputnik quick, but not sure if I should just keep playing Kiwami 1 or just jump into Battletoads… might wait till Friday for Battletoads since I’ll be seeing a buddy.

DLALA, wherever you guys are, congrats on the release. You guys have obviously put a lot of work into this and I can’t wait to try it out!


So I also played this game and enjoyed the fuck out of it. It’s crazy and all over the place and I was surprised at the “cartoon” sections being so well done. Really love what dlala did with the Toads and I feel like they have even more character that the other games didnt show. The brawling sections and some of the mini games were good fun. Some of the levels are long and there were too much platforming and shumps parts that wasn’t all that great, just serviceable but they were long so I didn’t really fuck with it. I think it deserves a sequel and a great game to play with friends. I think Dlala Battletoads is now how I will always look at it now. Loved it.