Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal Xbox Headset Revealed (Reviews and more here)




Amazon Germany has a release date of 27 May whereas Amazon UK has a release date of 28 April.

They look really nice. I saw an unboxing/review video this morning, but now the video is set as private. Maybe later today it will be set to public again. The official announcement is scheduled for 15:00 CET.


This is the YouTube channel:


They’re the Xbox version of this. Exactly as I predicted.

These seem to be on-ear but the Amazon listing of the Xbox version is over-ear?

Not surprised at the price when I saw what type of products they made last year.

I don’t think the sound quality difference between other good quality ones will be worth that price.

Damn those look so nice. Would love to try them and see how good they actually sound

The navy colorway is absolutely incredible looking. I’d love a controller with this color scheme.


The brass looks indeep dope!

Perfect example of how Microsoft works well with their OEMs.

First Review is in, don’t know the site but review is extremely positive.


My god, these sound incredible.

Edit: nevermind, see below

So apparently you can’t listen to your Bluetooth audio AND Xbox audio at the same time with these. What a tremendous oversight.

Xbox and Bluetooth

When Portal is connected to Xbox, the Bluetooth audio is inactive to avoid disrupting your gaming experience. Switch between connection types by either:

  • Pressing the button on the left ear cup
  • Turning off your Xbox
  • Switching in the App.

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At that price I expect a case for transportation included. It doesn’t have it.

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Seems like this person only tried them with music. No impressions of game audio at all, wtf.

have a pair on preorder but considering they won’t show up until the 22nd and that they’re $500 freaking dollars I might cancel it.

I already have the Xbox Wireless Headset and first impressions with that have been shitty (got a dud that randomly cuts out, audio profile isn’t great) which is the only reason I considered this.

If the 9X worked on PS5 I’d just get those and call it a day :frowning:

For a high end headset prioritising audio quality that’s what you’d expect.

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These are launched at the audiophile market. Given there isn’t a single gaming headset in this market then not really sure you can make that argument.

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Seeing some conflicting stuff on this as people have been contacting B&O about this and getting told you can have simultaneous connections.

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