Baldurs Gate 3 coming to Xbox this year

Did not see a thread on this, pretty big news, Getting Starfield and BG3 months apart in the same year will be a historic thing for Xbox users.

It was the right decision, everyone seems to think every policy is strict and anytime they relent is slippery slope time but that is silly. You never implement a policy without an exception puce built in. Nuance and common sense are a THING and I’m glad Phil is smart enough to bend the rules when everyone will benefit. It was either bend the rules on BG3 or Xbox did not get the game anytime soon.

You will also notice soon BG3 will no longer be used by Sony fans as some type of Gotcha, Sony fans were getting all behind BG3 as some moral alternative to Starfield but now all that stupid narrative goes out the window.

It’s really good Phil has his head on a swivel and addresses these issues as they come up instead of letting a dumb narrative continue.

Baldur's Gate 3 will come to Xbox in 2023 with no split-screen on Xbox Series S | Windows Central.


There is the suggestion that it was Larian Studios insisting on parity, not Xbox.


Any indication when this will land on Xbox this year? Probably sometime after September right?

Nothing more specific has been said. Seems the decision was made final yesterday.

Nov. Or Dec. Would be ideal to not ditectly compete with Starfield and be a good segway into the holidays.


I assume they want it out before holiday season, so I can see October or November

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Likely November though October can be an ideal. They can make their game a monthly platform release. Plus, Xbox gamers will be busy with Starfield since that game is marketed to the moon, practically telling everyone to play this and only this for a month worth.

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I think Oct is way too packed while Nov. Or Dec. Are pretty empty right now.

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Like that Youtuber said, it seems like everyone forgot November exist.

Release it in December, or even delay it till next year. Any other game releasing close to Starfield i’m not touching. Starfield take priority above all else.

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I don’t have time for it until maybe December? So that sounds fine to me lol.


Bought it on PC Day One, haven’t touched it yet - work and backlog (making some good progress there actually). Will buy this day one again on Xbox and probably not play it for another three months lol.


So on consoles will you have direct chatector control like Diablo 4?

Had played a couple hours of this split screen with a friend. Nice it’s coming to Xbox and great hearing it’ll have cross save support.

Probably won’t happen but it would be really great if it got cross play at some point too.

I’ll check it out in NOvember

December would be perfect, far enough from Starfield and also not a packed month I think, Xbox players will get to enjoy the 2 best RPGs of the year on their console too :slight_smile:

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I have to disagree because I think they should release this before the holiday season. I don’t think you want to miss out on holiday sales

I think they’ll release it when it’s ready.

It’s probably me not paying as much attention or Starfield sucking the air out of the room, but kinda seems like the hype for this game is on a downward trend. I don’t know that it’s coming back for these staggered releases either, probably why most publishers release all platforms at once. Imagine of those consoleimpulse buys if the game had hit console during that wave of reviews.

Again, could just be me being out of touch though.


Honestly I’ve succumbed to the hype and bought it on pc and I would say that BG3 being released on Xbox in 2024 was a blessing in disguise. Game is very buggy and Larian somehow has managed to fuck up the last act of their game for a third time in a row lol.

There is a bunch cut content and Larian has apparently decided they are interested in making dlc for their smash hit game after stating they probably wouldn’t for a long time lol.

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Probably, it’s how they did it with Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2 on consoles and on PC if you connect a controller. I can’t play DOS2 without a controller, mouse and keyboard is just not something I use when gaming and have no practice.

Is it as condensed/thrown together as DOS2 final act?