Badges could be a great feature for the UI

Pretty sure much like me, most of you got this in the email. I was hoping it would be also on our profiles like our tenures and ambassador badges.

I think it would be a great addition. I’ve always loved how Halo Waypoint has gameified the website, and to a similar degree here. I always also appreciated how Ubisoft gives badges for 100% completion of stuff as well as their anniversary one. I think it gives a great sense of belonging and more stuff to work towards.

Would love to see your opinions on it.



I’d love to see more badges on our profiles.

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yeah man. the ones on Halo Waypoint are pretty cool. I always get jealous when I see the box profiles of Microsoft employees

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Yeah I would def like to have it on my Xbox Profile for sure! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, they don’t give many to regular users but actual Xbox employees have a bunch of them.

It’s a cool wee badge but a bit pointless if it’s not going to show up on our profiles.

I hope there’s a system similar to platinum trophy, but instead of trophy we have game-specific badges, which show up on the profile card & page. For example a Master Chief head for Halo games, pilot helmet for Titanfall games.

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it would show up just like xbox staff have badges on their profile.

I think it’s really cool and would be perfect for a day 1 buyer of the Series X|S just like the day 1 achievement for XB1

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Nice. It could be enabled for developers, they could make their own badges, as they do with achievements.

exactly, kinda like what we have on Uplay with even cross-franchise ones. An example is how you get the master assassin badge for scoring x amount of point across multiple assassin’s creed games