Avowed is set to release Fall 2024 - new gameplay shown

Why would you all expect to see all that in a 48 minute show where they share time with 4 other games.

Looks good to me. The combat looks just fine, I think it just needs some polish. I think they may be giving up some fidelity here in order to be able to do things like freeze enemies.

Key art is awesome, hope there is more stuff like that we’ll get to see.

The method of showing the combat wasn’t good imo, but seeing it again I think they’re going for a methodical and strategic combat that somewhat emulates turn-based but it’s in real time, not anything flashy, I bet it would play much better than the showing.

Hoping they have some nice villages, towns with people in it. We haven’t really seen those yet, but that’s the stuff I always love in RPGs, chilling in a town or city before setting out into the world for adventure.

The developer mentioned towns after demoing the dialogue choices.


This is the reason I prefer to just watch these live streams solo, but my friends insisted on watching it in party chat for old time’s sake, but then I clearly miss out on important info. Had that with Hellblade 2 too.

Loving how colorful Avowed looks, and man that improved lighting sure makes a huge difference. Fall is also a great time for this to release.

Yeah, breaking it down, Avowed is the one I think I’ll enjoy the most. Hellblade 2 & Indy will likely grab the limelight out of what was shown, but Obisidian seem to be cooking something special.

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I couldn’t tell if it was what they selected to show off variety or not, but did the enemy AIs seem a little dumb?

I mean do you really want to get spoiled about the story ?

We know the MC is a envoy of Aedyr and has to investigate a plague that destroys everything and save the world.

And because it’s a plague we can speculate that a god is probably involved. So maybe one of these gods:

  • Eothas, god of renewal and light.

  • Berath, god of cycle, and life and death

  • Rymrgand, god of manifestation of erosion and collapse (including plague)

RPG mechanics should be similar to past Obsidian games and probably close to Outer Worlds. The creative director Carrie Patel was a narrative designer for PoE and the creative director for Outer Worlds Gorgon DLC which is incredible.






I saw that some people were disappointed that the trailer was mostly focused on combat and didn’t show enough dialogue/choices.

Frankly I was surprised that they focused on dialogue as much as they did. This was a general audience presentation and dialogue sequences slow the pace down for the non-hardcores.

I’m not worried since it’s Obsidian but dialogue, choices, and character moments are the hardest thing to showcase in this kind of trailer.

People react to what they see. Not knowing Obsidian I could have thought it was a FPS in middle age settings.

I always wonder about dumb AI and what people mean by it? As I can’t recall ever playing a game where the AI presented a challenge because it was smarter and not just because of more mechanics in their favor.

Good examples for me of tough AI that’s not smarter are divinity original sin 2, where I didn’t think the AI was smarter from normal to hard, they’re just given more advantages/mechanics in their favor: can do more damage, take less damage, have an always on evasion spell that also gives the other enemies around it 90% evasion, attack through pillars and sometimes walls that the game wouldn’t let me.

Dark Souls and Soulslike being another were the mechanics and enemy positions is what makes the AI tough not how smart they are.

Dishonored, where the main challenge in the game is sneaking pass the AI with powers that made it easier to do to get the clean hands achievement. Or in Dishonored 2, when I needed to figure out how to get pass the witches with no powers as Emily and how even having so many mechanics in their favor it took a single trap placed right in front of me to kill the entire group because they teleported right into the trap.

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My favorite example of really well done AI is Gears of War. Pretty much all of them except Judgement have really great enemy AI that presents a challenge and scales without it just being because they take more bullets.

Dumb AI just run at you and maybe do 1 thing like in the video. The AIs seemed to just sprint straight at you, no change of pace, dodging, working as a team to go to multiple sides of you. I guess what Im saying is there didnt appear to be any strategy in what the AI did.


Really? I didn’t think the AI was any smarter than any game I’ve played, but I haven’t put enough time into any Gears(I try out the games but lose interest quickly) to maybe find the tougher AI.

That rating and info is surprising to me, so colorful, I just didn’t expect those things, haha. Man it looks great. Love me some colours and my QD-OLED will absolutely love them too. :heart_eyes:

Those enemies we saw are cool, and I am very curious what other enemy types we can expect. Skeletons is a given probably, weren’t they shown in the very first trailer?

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Hard to tell because most of the shown enemies are fodder which I expect to be dumb.

And I think the focus was more on the movement and mechanics of the playable character.


Gameplay was probably on easy mode so maybe that’s why the AI was pretty meh. Makes sense to use easy mode when it comes to marketing purposes.

I think the whole lifeless ambience complaints stems from the UE5 rather than Obsidian themselves. The games with that engine just feel so … ? I don’t know how to describe it lol.

Regardless though, this is the game I’m looking forward to the most from Xbox this year. Can’t wait to see how deep the RPG systems go.

Not sure why anyone would expect a pack of, say kobolds to be Navy Seals? I prefer enemy AI to be relevant to the enemy when possible. That’s a tad bit more realistic and fun. Even professional soldiers makes mistakes or dumb descisions too.


Yeah, honestly, this is a type of game that you need to play first to know its quality. I think most great WRPG is like that anyway.