Avowed is set to release Fall 2024 - new gameplay shown

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At the Developer_Direct stream Obsidian Entertainment revealed new gameplay footage for their upcoming RPG Avowed. Various developers at the studio explain the choices that have been made while developing the game. Such as art direction, combat and storytelling.

Avowed is set to release Fall 2024 on Xbox Series X|S, PC and Game Pass.


Still on the way home, will watch when later.


Looks good. Hoping there’s a lot more enemy variety because they all looked the same. Still looking forward to it though.

Talk about an upgrade in the visual department.

Jury still out on the combat for me as it seemed too stiff from what they showed, even though we saw a bit more reactivity in last year’s trailer.

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The environments and world building looked beautiful. Combat is probably gonna be fine, can’t decide from a trailer. I still don’t think they have shown enough of what Obsidian excel at, the writing, dialogue and quests/branching, not that I need to be “sold” on it as expect great stuff in that regard anyway from Obsidian.


Yeah this is the thing I need to be convinced about the least as Obsidian never misses in this department.

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I really loved the combat flexibility that they talked about. Being able to mix and match pretty much any setup of magic, guns, and melee into different loadouts that can be switched on the fly during combat sound awesome if I understand that correctly.

I love what I’m seeing atmosphere wise, it has that POE vibes but in first person which what I wanted. Combat and animations need some refining but they have almost a year to do that so not worried. I wanna see more RPG elements though, plus Dawnshore or other towns.

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I have to say I have never seen such a massive upgrade from one showing of a game to the following.

Simply wow.


This is not a game for me. But I must say this showing was a lot better than last summer. It looks more crisp, which this artstyle does need in my opinion.

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This looked awesome, also combat is something you really have to play and feel you cant really judge it from watching.


From the cosplay guide on the Obsidian website.


This is a day one for me.

I’m very pleased they didn’t show more quests and dialogues, who wants that to be spoiled? It’s Obsidian, it’ll be great.



Really looking forward to it. Can’t wait till E3 to see it again.

Looks great, reminds me of Assassins Creed Valhallas glow up from initial showing.

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Definitely colourful and that isn’t a bad thing. It is nice to see a colour palette that isn’t muted or grey.

The world looks excellent and looks great visually, not sure about the combat, seems a bit unresponsive but looking forward to playing it

I feel like they barely showed anything about the game yet. They are curiously focusing on visual and combat rn, maybe to get feedback. The “meat” of the game like the story, factions, various rpg mechanics, and even magic is still kept under wraps. The build they showed is probably months old so a year or so till release is enough time to fix shortcomings.