Atlus wants to know if players want their games on Xbox

Just dont think atlus cares about the persona franchise growing. Theyre a massovely stubborn company and have been for years.

I still havent forgiven them for the persona 4 arena fiasco years ago. They use to be one of my most hated companies.

I don’t know I kind of get the impression they’re going to bring their games to XBox and I also think SEGA is really looking to expand its sales base

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Yeah unfortunately Sega have like 10% control overAtlus. if Sega were more authoritative we’d have see Persona come out for switch PC and even xbox by now. Even forgetting the Xbox…the fact that its not on Switch is kind of scandelous. Its basically free money when you see mediocre games like Bravely default 2 and xenoblade 2 sell millions.