Atlus wants to know if players want their games on Xbox

You can find a translation of the questions/answers here;

Google translate is still a decent way of doing it however.

It takes about ten minutes to complete and, though I suspect it makes little impact, it’d be great if we could all make the effort to complete for Xbox.

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That last question i asked for 2 requests.

  1. all Sega and Atlus games on Gamepass
  2. collaboration with Sega and Atlus for a Panzer Dragoon Saga remake. Lol i know it prob wont hapoen but god it would be cool if it did.

Its survey time again! Atlus has a new survey available until tommorrow. After the Soul Hackers 2 on xbox announcement(which was a great step forward for Xbox and Atlus relationship) i hope people are more motivated to take this survey. Link to new survey below. Its a long one you may want to listen to a podcast or play music while you are doing it.

I let them know how much I really want all Atlus games on Xbox and how excited I am for Persona 6 and Project: Re Fantasy and Soul Hackers 2


I filled it out, answered honestly how I hadn’t played any of their games but would be interested in Xbox and PC releases. Hopefully the easy port from one to the other will look more enticing to them than just targeting 1 new market.

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You clearly havent played any of these games and saw some random youtube clips of an old persona or smt game. Atlus have the least amount of cringe compared to most jrpgs. Were not talking hyperdimension and star ocean level here.

You wanna know something cringe? 50 percent of most of the side engagement in cyberpunk.

And clearly these polls do have an effect…we got soul hackers 2. Which i think is still some sort of miracle.

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Come on now. Mort posted this in March of 2021.

No need to drag him over a year later.:sweat_smile:

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Oh i didnt realise. But there is a new survey going on. I guess it makes sense to bump it.

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I did my part, long ass survey though lol. Also, sorry but I told them card games and dancing games can kick rocks.


I was worried I didn’t actually finish it after the video lol

Necro much? Anyway, no I have not played them for obvious reasons. Like I said a year ago, I don’t care for them myself but I know they have their audience and should be on Xbox as well.

Because it’s not that simple, and not that cheap.

Companies DO listen to these surverys (they wouldn’t make them otherwise), so fill it out folks. Let them know Atlus should be multiplat and on Xbox.

This isn’t Atlus, but in this Bravely Default 2 trailer, that top comment there in the pic is literally WORD FOR WORD, from MY own feedback I sent them about the demo (was pretty cool to see my feedback in a trailer lol).


If you had said that its fine. But you didnt. You decided these games were cringe for no reason. You cant go defensive when youre trying to antagonise fans of these games.

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I did my part! And also said to remove the garbage phobic stuff from their old games if they’re gonna port/remaster them.


I also answered your necro post again in a deliberately less confrontational way than my original post so who is trying to antagonize whom here and who is weirdly defensive? Not sure that it’s me tbh.

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I thought this was a new thread so Its bad on my part for not reading the entire thread but yeah I read that first post of your much earlier.

long survey but i did my part :slight_smile:


i do i do

I remember when Yakuza was announced for gamepass. Was at a novemver event and 0 was the first of many starting feb 2020.

I feel like persona if it happens has to be this showcase or it aint never happening. Atlus are launching soul hackers 2 august for xbox. What better way then to start off the persona series around june july.

It would help sales for Sh2

Still pinching myself at SH2 even coming to xbox. Its surreal. Hopefully pre order announced soon

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Given how most PR works, if you’re asking a question like that. The decision has already been made for me. Hopfully Atlus will be on Gamepass too