Asus ROG Ally Discussion Thread

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“We’re not looking at 30 to 40 percent more capacity,” he tells me. “We’re looking at way more than that.”

More than 40 percent battery life would be nice. Still waiting for reviews.

Battery improvement is nice, must be a huge battery to pretty much double the worst case numbers.

June 2nd for the actual announcement :neutral_face:

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Announcement for announcement.

I need help. I can’t sign on Xbox Network at all. Every time I click sign in, it goes to black screen and stays there. How can I sign in?

Edit: Got it working. Phew.

What “fixed” it?

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I just rest gaming service app. It was odd.

Yeah, that’s quite an odd one.

A write-up on the impressions of an Ally X prototype, in terms of look and feel, not actual usage:

He goes on about how it’s more comfortable to hold and how the back buttons are placed better, but I’ve zero issues with either of those on the existing Ally so I don’t really know what he’s talking about. Then again, he also says he prefer symmetrical thumbsticks, which I definitely do not, so I’m thinking him and I simply don’t want the same things from our controllers.

Anyway, it’s neat that they’re apparently making some changes beyond just the specs.

For those in the U.S., the official charger “dock” is on sale for $29.99 at Best Buy. That’s more than half off the regular $64.99 price.

There’s no end date listed for this sale. Also, for any Canadians out there, it’s not on sale at Canadian Best Buy. Already checked.


Apparently you can update the firmware on the official charger dock:

I didn’t know this was even a thing, but I’ve had some problems getting it to fast charge my Anker, so crossing my fingers this’ll fix that.

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